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Name Anna
A/K/A "A.A."
Gender Female
Favorite Thing to Do Play


Anna Southdrop is a brainy, cautious, and overly calm girl guppy. She's more likely to comment on the action than get swept up in it, often using an advanced vocabulary for her age. Physical activities make Anna a little unsure of herself; she'd rather define "basketball" than play it. Even so, Anna has a persevering spirit. Her willingness to keep trying, combined with encouragement from her friends, often leads her to triumph in the end. Anna loves to read books and eat pickle and cheese sandwiches. Oona is her best friend. Her nickname is 'A.A.,' though nobody calls her that but Gil. Like Nonny, she hardly ever smiles. She has feelings for Ray


Anna is Indian. She has light brown skin, blue eyes, and light blue hair worn in Oona's style. Her full tail is pink with red stripes, and she wears green scuba goggles for glasses.

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