After teeth brushing and breakfast munching,the boys were just finishing their turkey and cheese quiche. A loud knock is heard on the door.

Goby: "Guys,cover your ears for this."

The boys did so,and waited for the ear-splitting loud voice to come.


Gil (hands off his ears): "Yeah,it's morning! But this time,I covered my ears."

Loudred: "SHUT UP AND GET OUT!"(runs downstairs)

Gil (shouting): "Yeah,right! Hope you were not messing with Molly!"

Piplup: "Uggh,Gil."

Gil: "What?"

Piplup: "It's nothing."

Nonny: "Alright,let's go."

The boys rushed downstairs just in time for the morning cheers.


Chatot: "Okay,everyone! Time to get to work!"

Everyone: "HOORAY!"

Everyone gets to work. The Crayon Prixers watched.

Chatot: "Ah,the seven of you! Let me give you your assignment for today...look up jobs on the Job Bulletin Board and the Outlaw Notice Board. Do the listen jobs. That will do. Understood? No shirking your work,alright?"

Guppies and Piplup: "Okay."

Chatot: "Well? If you understand,get on with it!"

The Crayon Prixers go to the Job Bulletin Board.

Molly: "Okay,which one should we do?"

Gil: "Well,first we should go do some things..."

Deema: "Like what,Gil?"

The Crayon Prixers brought a couple of items at the market and saved their money at the bank. Then,they came back to the castle.

Gil: "Alright,we got over everything. Now let's choose a rescue job."

The Crayon Prixers discussed the jobs they're going to do. They finally chose the jobs a while later and had gone off to Beach Cave. After their job,we cut to the boys' room at night.

Goby: "Good night,guys."

Nonny,Piplup,Gil: "Night!"

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