One morning,the guppies enjoy their ham and cheese quiche when Pikachu comes in the entrance.

Guppies: "Yay! You're back!"

Pikachu: "Did you kids miss me?"

Gil: "Only alot...but anyway,we're glad to be a rescue team again."

Goby: "Yeah,now we can continue our jobs."

Then they heard...flap! Flap!....a clunk!...then more....flap! Flap!

Pikachu: "And look,Pelipper is bringing us mail already."

Oona: "Let's try to do our best like we always do."

All: "Yeah!"

They looked at the paper and discussed on the rescue they'll do for today. A while later,they finally decided to do a few on Mt Freeze.

Deema: "Wait,can I go to the Friends Area first?"

Pikachu: "Alright,but make it quick!"

Deema goes to visit Absol. He appears to look a little sleepy,but he's still full of energy.

Absol: "Yes,what do you want?"

Deema: "Come with us on our rescue."

Absol: "Fine."

The Seven Team set off to Mt Freeze. They go through the same obstacles they've noticed before. Unexpectedly,a huge floating object goes flying towards them and drags them all the way by the Pelipper Post.

Glalie: "Thank you for saving me! Your reward is a Pink Gummi!"


Glalie: "See ya!"

He floats away. The Seven Team went back to their rescue team base while Absol returns to the Friends Area.

Pikachu: "Well...we..."

Nonny: "Kind of....did good today."

Pikachu: "Anyway,let's call it a night and get some rest."

Guppies: "Yeah!"

Goby: "See you tomorrow!"

Pikachu walks back to his home.

Guppies: "Bye!"

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