One morning,the guppies were finishing up with their bolonga and cheese quiche when they heard construction outside. Pikachu came in.

Pikachu: "Good morning,kids."

Goby: "Still reconstructing the castle,huh?"

Pikachu: "Oh,yes."

Deema: "Oh! Chestnuts!"

She goes outside to the Mankey gang.

Mankey 1: "Huh? You brought us peeled Chestnuts,dudette?"

Deema: "Sure did!"

Mankey 2: "Yeah,yeah! Chestnuts! We want a peeled Chestnut,by boogity!"

Mankey 1: "Come on,give it to us. We'll work for it,okay?"

Deema peeled the spiny shell and offered the Mankeys the peeled Chestnuts.

Mankeys: "Yeah! Peeled Chestnuts!"

Mankey 1: "Okay,bros! Let's do it! Go,go!"

Mankey 2: "Man,why don't you quit lingering around yourself?! Let's go,by boogity!"

Mankey 1: "We'll get moving along on the renovation of your rescue team base!"

Deema: "Woo hoo!"

Mankey 2: "Yeah,and we'll carry in the materials and get the castle built. Double-quick! Just you wait,by boogity!"

Narrator:(sighs)"And so...supplied with another peeled Chestnut,the Mankey gang got motivated...and returned to work on the rescue team base's renovation. And finally...the rescue team base was completed!"

The scene shows the castle completed,tainted light blue and green with neon red flags on the top. And the mailbox has changed as well;yellow with a neon cyan pole.

Pikachu:(sniff)"Finally...this day has finally arrived..."

Molly: "It's finally ready!"

Gil: "Our...Seven Team rescue team base!"

Pikachu:(sniff)"...It's so cool. Everytime I take a look at our rescue team base,I only see coolness."

Oona: "It's resemblance to us guppies is a nice touch!"

Caterpie: "We all worked very hard!"

Wynaut: "It was very hard,but it was worth it!"

Wobbuffet: "Aeyyyyyy!"


Guppies & Pikachu: "Thank you!"

Mankey 1: "Say,yo. There's something I want to ask...if this rescue team base is finished...does that won't bring us any more peeled Chestnuts?"

Oona: "Haha! Of course! We're finished with work on our rescue team base."

Pkachu: "To our Mankey gang! Sincerely,thank you for everything!"

Mankeys: "........"

Everyone else stares in bewilderment.

Mankeys: "Oh my god!"

Thy angrily ran towards the castle.

Nonny: "H-hey! What?!"

The Mankeys start to destroy parts of the castle,scratching off the paint and demolishing the mailbox.

Nonny: "Heeey! What are you doing?! Stop that!"

The guppies go to hold each Mankey down.

Narrator: "As a result of everyone's desperate efforts to stop the Mankey gang...the rescue team base was saved. As for the Mankey gang,they promised to keep from return for more peeled Chestnuts,they returned to their forest. And that is how...the chaotic renovation of the rescue team base came to an end."

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