Hints Edit

  • Goby tends to be a customer for Deema's shop sketches,and vice-versa.
  • Goby and Deema tend to be paired up.
  • Bubble Bites: Deema and Goby had a story segment together.
  • The Cowgirl Parade: Deema made love eyes at Goby during the shop segment.
  • Bubble Guppies Theme Song: Deema and Goby are next to each other lots of times.
  • The Spring Chicken Dance: Deema and Goby sang and dance together.
  • Big Bubble City: Deema and Goby held hands.
  • In every episode,there is a hand-drawn picture of Deema and Goby together one the wall in the classroom.
  • Deema and Goby are the only ones that done the "Supplies!" running gag.
  • In the episode "The Glitter Games", when we go to the playing segment, we see Deema and Goby playing together.
  • In the episode "The Summer Camp Games", we could see Deema and Goby hug.

Hints(Fanon) Edit

  • Robot Guppies: Deema and Goby are the main characters.
  • Chirp Chirp Tweet Tweet: Deema and Goby are the main characters.
  • International Super Spy: Deema and Goby are Nonny's secret contacts.
  • Horsing Around: Goby and Deema compete against each other. They were also showing off their moves.
  • It's Raining,It's Pouring: Goby came to Deema's shop.
  • The Fight For Deema's Life: Goby hugged Deema when she came out of the office.
  • Apocolise:Deema kissed Goby on the lips to jog back his memory

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