A few hints for DeemaXNonny can be found throughout the episodes,including the fanon episodes.

Hints Edit

  • Deema and Nonny work well together.
  • Nonny doesn't seem to mind when Deema calls him "Nonners",the nickname she made up for him.
  • They sing together in most of the dance songs.
  • Deema and Nonny are paired together in some of the pop songs.
  • At The Beach: Deema rubs sunscreen on Nonny's back.
  • The sayings "opposites attract" and "you always hurt the one you love" fits this couple well.
  • Firefighter Gil To The Rescue: Nonny thanked her when Deema asks to speak during the rescue scene.

Hints(Fanon) Edit

  • Super Guppies To The Rescue: Deema smiles at Nonny in his Blue Jester outfit.
  • The Easter Chicken Is Coming: Deema was sitting next to Nonny during lunch. Nonny was one of Deema's background dancers.
  • It's Raining,It's Pouring: Nonny was one of Deema's background dancers.
  • Snow Day: Nonny sat next to Deema during lunch.
  • Chirp Chirp Tweet Tweet: Deema sat next to Nonny during lunch.
  • Who's Gonna Play The Marionette?: Deema and Nonny were the background dancers.
  • The Flipper!: Deema and Nonny sing together.
  • Deema And Nonny: Deema hugs Nonny.

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