Dodger is a six-year-old boy guppy who is very strong and defensive.


If there's a giant bully that needs to be confronted, Dodger would be your boy! Dodger always demonstrates the behaviour of a 16-physical year-old-26-chronological year-old lovely, sweet, compassionate, bubbly, all-loving, brave, cheery, strong, optimistic, pure, rational, level-headed, wise, kind, gentle, hardworking, artistic, honest, heroic, innocent, nice, humble, friendly, kind-hearted, gentle, soft-spoken, calm, shy, quiet, good-hearted, and caring gentleman, who's good friends with Juna, Marcie, Sam and Shapyhus. Dodger's interests includes marble cake, chips, ice cream, things that are square, spending time with Matt, and the colors green, peach, orange, light blue, dark orange, blue and dark blue, etc.. Prince Tuesday is still around here!

Section headingEdit

Dodger has peach skin, brown hair, blue eyes and a blue and gray striped tail.

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