Disney's Sorcerer Mickey has two young apprentices, Molly and Gil, who carry buckets of water to fill Mickey's cauldron. Eventualy, the two grow tired and impatient and decide to use Mickey's magic hats to make broomsticks come alive and do the work for them. Everything seems to work great until the brooms prove uncontrollable and flood the tower! Can Molly and Gil stop this magical crisis?



"Magic Everywhere" (a version different from the one on DLRP)


  • This is similar to the 1940 'Fantasia' short, "The Sorcerer's Apprentice."
  • This is the first time Mickey's played the role of his own sorcery master, Yen Sid.


Once upon a time, there is a sorcerer named Mickey Mouse, who practices magic in red robes and a blue hat. But he isn't alone. He has two apprentices named Molly and Gil, who spend their days carrying buckets of water to fill his cauldron.

Now, Mickey is making a pretty butterfly out of smoke. He stares at it for a moment before forcing it to disappear. He turns to Molly and Gil.

Mickey: "All right, apprentices, finish filling the cauldron. I'm going to the King's castle."

Molly and Gil: "Yes, master."

Mickey: (magic hats appear) "Don't touch the magic hats until you're done!"

Molly and Gil: "Yes, master." (Mickey leaves)

Molly: "Gee, Gil, this is hard work!"

(at the castle)

Oona: "Good morning, Mickey!" (waves at the mouse wizard)

Deema: "Hello, mouse!"

Goby: "Hello, powerful wizard, Mickey!"

King Grouper: "Mickey, I've been expecting you!"

Mickey: "I know, your majesty. How is the prince, sire?"

King Grouper: "Very well."

Nonny: "Hi, Mickey."

(at Mickey's tower)

Molly: "Gil, if we had those hats, we could get our work done with magic!"

Gil: (look at broomsticks) "Maybe...!"

Both: (don sorcerer's hats, cast spells on brooms) "Brooms! Prepare to work!"

Molly: "Come on, brooms! Work!"

The brooms suddenly come to life and pick up Molly and Gil's task where they left off.

Gil: "This is great, Molly! We'll never have to work again!"

Molly: "Yeah...but magic can tire you out..."

Molly and Gil fall asleep and dream about controlling the stars, the waves, and even the thunderbolts. A while later, they wake with a jolt.

Molly: "Hey, everything's all wet...!" (gasps) "Oh, no! The cauldron!"

Gil: "It's overflowing! The brooms are overdoing it! Molly, get the axe!"

Molly: (gets the axe) "Gil, the whole tower's gonna flood!" (chops up brooms)

Both: "Phew! That was close...!"

Molly: "Let's clean this up before Mickey gets back!"

But the tiny woodchips gather together and form brooms again.

Both: (hear mysterious footsteps) "More brooms?!"

Molly: "It's flooding more!"

Gil: "The buckets!" (attempts to bail the water)

Both: "Ahh!" (water sweeps them away)

Molly: "Mickey's book will know what to do!"

Gil: "Oh, no! Hang on, Molly!"

But the apprentices can no longer stay afloat. They're about to drown! Luckily, Mickey comes back right then!

Mickey: (gasps) "Oh, my! This place has gone haywire!" (waves his arms angrily and stops the water, then turns to both glare and grin at Molly and Gil) "You two did a fine job filling my cauldron, but I am a little disappointed in you for this destruction."

Molly and Gil: "We're very sorry, Mickey."

Molly: "It was an accident."

Gil: "We'll never do it again."

Mickey: "Aw, it's okay! You deserve the honor! I dub thee Sorceress Molly and Sorcerer Gil!"

And they all lived happily ever after.


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