Summary Edit

Office Molly and Sergeant Gil the space police,and their owners of the space station oona and goby,try to stop Bad-Bots M-900 (Deema),and Nonnyanator (Nonny)from reprogramming all of the robots to be bad and not good. What Nonnyanator and M-900 didn't know is that when a robot becomes bad,their wires would malfunction.

Snack: Toast And Jam

Songs: Can't Stop The Cops,We Are Bad Bots,Steer,Baby,Steer,Can't Stop The Bots, I Feel Good


Story Edit

Molly and Gil is in the playground

Molly: "No Bad Bots on the Slide."

Gil: "Coppy That."

Molly and Gil swim to the viewer

Molly: "Oh,Hi There! I'm Officer Molly!"

Gil: "And I'm Sergant Gil!"

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