Plot Edit

In a haunted house,ghosts Molly,Oona,Gil,Nonny,and Goby try to scare an unsuspecting stranger,Deema. But Gil is a little nervous,and didn't get to practice. When Deema agrees to play a game of Hide-And-Go-Boo,the ghosts try to scare her,but Deema doesn't think they can. While Molly,Oona,Nonny,and Goby enjoy being "spooky",Gil doesn't think he has what it takes to be a good ghost. Can Gil gain the confidence he needs the create the perfect scare?

Songs: It's Great To Be A Ghost,What's So Scary 'Bout That?,Hide And Go Boo,When I'm Booin'

Trivia Edit

  • A spooky voice was heard at the end.
  • Oona was in her ghost costume for the third time. The first was Haunted House Party,the second one being Baby Troubles.

Story Edit

(The Bubbleyardigans Theme Song)

All: It's Great To Be A Ghost!

Nonny: Hi, it's me Nonny. Ooooooohhhhh, Boo! (Chuckles)

Oona and Goby: (Yelps).

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