(The episode starts off at night three figures snooped around then they took Molly's favorite charm bracelet.)

Molly: "My charm bracelet they got my charm bracelet Stop thieves they stealing my bracelet stop."

(They went after the thieves.)

All: (Gasps).

Molly: "What did you guys do with my bracelet."

Bully #1: "Sorry it had to be this way."

Bully #2: "Loser."

Bully #3: "See ya."

All: (Gasps).

Gil: "Who are they."

Molly: "I don't know but I'm gonna find out tomorrow alone."

(The next day,Molly sneaks to check on everyone then she snuck away she went through the portal.)

Molly: "Whoa what is this place."

(Song: This strange world.)

Molly: I've never seen a place that's quite like this everything is turned around this crazy world is upside down getting on my fin it's the hand that I was dealt but I don't have much time with them got to learn all that I can they usually have some fun and work I don't they're skin tone or i'm so alone everything's confusing when it seems so new but i look a little closer and tooks me through the familar to what a strange new world i'm trying to make males and females in this strange new world what a strange new world sorting through all details of this strange new world what a strange new world.

(Song ends.)

(Back home the guppies woke up one morning.)

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