Again??? The Witch Is Trying Again With Another Black Bubble Potion But This Time Turning Everyone But Molly And Lightningtail Into Babies


Though Only Molly And Lightningtail Are Not Babies, At A Point In The Movie Gil Is Turned Back Into Himself But The Other 4 Are Still Babies

It Appears That Lightningtail Also Knows Fishjitzu Which Is Also Used By Molly During The Battle Scene


There Are Dark Purple Stormclouds All Over Bubbletucky As Molly Runs Out Of The Woods

Molly:Where Are They

Molly Runs Back To The Woods Finding What Looks Like A 3 Year Old

Molly:The Witch Got Them

Young Gil:(Confused) Guppy.

Young Gil:Guppy. Guppy.

Molly:Ok Brat Just Get In My Go Kart

Young Gil:*Points Into Woods* Guppies.

Molly:That Way?

Young Gil:Yes.

Molly Drives Into The Woods And Finds Lightningtail On The Way



Lightningtail:That Gil You Got There?


LT:Where Are The Others

Molly:Dunno. But Gil Said They Were In The Woods


Molly:I've Got This. NINJAGO!!!!!!

Molly Becomes A Blue Sinning Tornado And Kills Most Minions


Lightningtail Becomes A Silver And Gold Tornado And Kills The Other Minions

Molly:You Know Fishjitzu?


Young Gil:Guppies?

Molly:We'll Find Them Gil

Young Gil:Purple Bubble!

Lightningtail:Watch Out!

Molly:No! That's The Cure For The Black Bubble Potion!

LT:Oh. *Lifts Up Gil* Pop The Bubble Gil!

Gil Pops The Bubble And Becomes Himself Again

Gil:What Happened?

Molly:The Witch Turned You Into A Baby

Gil:That Witch! Let's Go.

So The Three Guppies Went Further Into The Woods

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