Molly questions Edit

Story Edit

Hello guys i am molly and i am ready to ask your questions.Shamingcarthe molly how do you feel abot gil?.Gil ya molly how do you feel about me. Molly oh ya gilly is here. Well i let go to the next questions. gil oh rights (in a mad voice. shamingcarthe I know you love gil more than anything molly but do think gil like you?Molly you can find that answer in chapter 1.Gil i am going to chapter 1 to. molly no gilly.gil why.moply okay.

Shamingcarthe Why do you call gil gilly molly?Gil ya molly.Molly i call gilly because i care for him and don`t want anything bad happen to him.gil thank you molly. shamingcarthe i got one mor queston have you ever kiss gil. Molly gil is sleeping so i can answers this and its yes when he is sleeping okay see ya. Molly lift up gil and is take off the carma.

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