Production Edit

Time Treasure

Treasure Adventure

The Guppy Scout Relay Race

Songs Edit

It's a Beautiful Lovely Wonderful Day

Sunshine Friends

Trivia Edit

The guppies no longer wear their normal outfits they wore outdoors outfits

Leah's hair was in braids for the full episode except for the beginning of the episode and at the ending

Cast Edit

  1. Alina Foley as Leah
  2. Blake Bertrand as Zach
  3. Eva Bella as Molly/Glimmer
  4. Isabella Crovetti Cramp as Chloe/Oona
  5. Jay Gregnani as Gil
  6. Issac Ryan Brown as Goby
  7. Jet Jurgensmeyer as Nonny
  8. Alexa Torrington as Deema
  9. Jacob Ewaniuk as Boris
  10. Erin Matthews as Julia
  11. Tino Insana as Mr Grouper
  12. Jill Talley as Mrs. Grouper

Transcript Edit

  • Both: "Hello it's us."
  • Zach: "Zach."
  • Leah: "And Leah."
  • Both: (Laughing).
  • Zach: "We're hamster sitting."
  • Leah: "Come and see."

(The episode starts off with Zach and Leah watching their hamster Ginger for Spring Break.)

  • Leah: "Ginger is so sweet."
  • Zach: "She sure is.I'm glad our teacher chose is to look after Ginger during Spring Break."
  • Leah: "Me too."
  • Zach: "I wonder what we'll be doing before the end of Spring Break."
  • Leah: "We could go on a Treasure Hunt."
  • Zach: "That would be awesome."

(The screen goes up to the light and it fades into a sun and Zach and Leah are wearing their Guppy Scout Uniforms.)

  • Zach: "Wow."
  • Leah: "Where are we."
  • Zach: "I don't know."
  • Leah: "Not again."
  • Both: "Whoa."

(They got picked up again.They see their friends.)

  • Leah: "Hey guys."
  • Zach: "Hello."
  • Deema: "Hey Leah.Hey Zach."
  • Leah: "Hey everybody."
  • Zach: "Hello."
  • Molly: "Hey Leah.Hey Zach.Like our parrots we're flying on them."
  • Leah: "I never flew a parrot before."
  • Zach: "Me neither."
  • Deema: "It's easy to fly a parrot.Grab those reins.That's it.You're doing excellent."

(Their parrots flew high in the sky.)

  • Zach: "Awesome."
  • Leah: "Wow."
  • Molly: "Look.There's our Beach Resort.Going down."

(Their parrots flew down.)

  • All: "Whoa.Awesome.This is fun.Whoa."
  • Gil: "Whoa.We're heading for the trees.We're heading for the trees."
  • All: (Screaming).
  • Molly: "Yahoo."
  • All: "Whoa.Alright.Whoo-Hoo."

(Their parrots landed on the ground.)

  • Molly: "Now that's what I called a roller coaster ride."
  • Gil: "I don't know about you guys but roller coaster rides make be feel dizzy."
  • All: "That was the best ride ever."
  • Boris: "Hey guys."
  • Julia: "I'm gonna perform a song.But I need six strings for my guitar but now I have five.Got any extra."
  • All: "No."
  • Molly: "But I do."
  • Julia: "Thanks Molly."
  • Glimmer: "I just love the Caribbean."
  • Chloe: "It's always full of surprises."

(They see something coming their way.)

  • Both: "Whoa."
  • Leah: "What is that."
  • Zach: "Uh Molly.This is the Caribbean isn't it."
  • Molly: "Yes.Many years ago this island has usually been filled with scurvy pirates."
  • Both: (Screaming).
  • Molly: "Hmm.What is that."
  • Mr Grouper: "It's a catapult."
  • Mrs Grouper: "We've spend half the night building it."
  • Mr Grouper: "But somehow it refuses to go down."
  • Zach: "Uh Molly."
  • Leah: "Is it safe to come out now."
  • Molly: "Hmm.There's no such thing as pirates.Right."
  • All: "Right."
  • Molly: "Hmm.I think I see the problem.You guys have to crank it down.Like this."

(Molly cranks the catapult down.)

  • Mr Grouper: "Thanks Molly."
  • Mrs Grouper: "How do you know anything about cranks?"
  • Molly: "Easy.Last week you guys taught us about cranks.That's all."
  • Nonny: "Yeah."
  • Goby: "They even go on catapults too."
  • Oona: "And many more."
  • Mr Grouper: "Anyway.Okay kids.Today's challenge you're going on an adventure to find this treasure box."
  • Deema: "That's today's challenge."
  • Gil: "Yep."
  • Molly: "We need to find clues hidden in each places."
  • Mrs Grouper: "Let the challenge begin."

(The treasure box goes catapulting in the air.)

  • Boris: "Let's go."
  • Julia: "C'mon."
  • Molly: "Are you ready."
  • All: "Yes we are."
  • Molly: "Are you steady."
  • All: "Yes we are."
  • Molly: "Are you sure you're all ready to explore."
  • All: "Yes we are."
  • Molly: "Then buckle up for this adventure."

(The guppies buckled their seatbelts.)

  • Molly: "Flick the fly mode."
  • Leah: (Giggles).
  • Molly: "Isn't this fun."
  • All: "Let's go."

(The Guppy Scouts flew off in the distance.)

  • Molly: "Here we are.On a hunt for the Treasure Box."
  • Boris: "Uh guys."
  • Julia: "Can we make a stop.We need to top up our relaxing pool."
  • Molly: "Again.Seriously.You guys spill a lot when you're relaxing."
  • Boris: "But we haven't been relaxing at all."
  • Julia: "I don't know why we keep adding more water."
  • Leah: "Hmm.There is a puddle around my feet."
  • Molly: (Gasps)"Well now that you mention it.I'm feeling a little bit dampness over here as well."
  • Boris: "Then that must be the problem."
  • Julia: "Our relaxing pool is leaking."
  • Zach: "And so is the Guppy Flyer."

(The Guppy Flyer began getting watery leaks.)

  • Boris: "What now."
  • Julia: "Things we're going just the way we planned and now this happens."
  • Molly: "Don't get your Guppy Scout Fins in a flap guys.There'll be lots of time to pack extra for this adventure."

(Suddenly the Guppy Flyer began to sway back and forth.)

  • Molly: "Whoa."
  • All: "Whoa.Whoa.Whoa."
  • Molly: "Alright guys.Now you can get your Guppy Scout Fins in a flap."
  • Oona: "What are we gonna do now."
  • Gil: "We'll find a way.That's all."

(Suddenly the Guppy Flyer stops and it begins to fall.)

  • All: (Screaming).
  • Molly: "Any idea of what button I should press."
  • Zach: "Push the one for the brakes."

(Molly pressed the brakes button but it doesn't work.)

  • Molly: "Nope.Not working."
  • Leah: "The big pillow button.For a soft landing."

(Molly pressed the big pillow button but that one didn't work.)

  • Molly: "Dear me.It's waterlogged too."
  • All: (Screaming).
  • Boris: "Whoa."
  • Julia: "Can we remind you that our relaxing pool is not built for hard landings."
  • Molly: "Hold on.This might work."

(Molly flicks the switch and a parachute came out.)

  • All: (Cheering).
  • Both: "Phew."
  • Molly: "Don't you love a great parachute.I do."
  • Boris: "Such as it is."
  • Zach: "I agree."
  • Leah: "I hope we can fix your relaxing pool."
  • Julia: "We have too.We need to find that Treasure Box."
  • Molly: "Leave it to me."

(Molly begins making repairs for the Guppy Flyer.)

  • Molly: "I think I see the problem.A disconnected hose.I'll just shove it back in and we can continue our adventure."
  • Zach: "But the Guppy Flyer is soaked."
  • Leah: "Will it be alright."
  • Molly: "Of course."

(Molly tries to get the Guppy Flyer working again.But it shoots out water.)

  • Molly: "Right after it dries completely.In the meantime.We'll fly on our magic carpet."
  • Zach: "Great idea."
  • Leah: "Let's go."
  • Julia: "We're two steps ahead of you guys."
  • Boris: "I agree."

(They get on the magic carpet and flew off in the distance.)

  • Molly: "Here we are.On a sunshine adventure.I love the sunshine adventure.It's like you can never get bored in the Great outdoors.Try saying that three times fast."
  • Both: "Never get bored in the great outdoors.Never get bored in the great outdoors.Never get bored in the great outdoors(Laughter)."

(They flew their magic carpet over a river.)

  • Genies: "Hang on tight."
  • Gil: "Here we go again."

(They went down a waterfall.)

  • All: "Whoa.Fun.Awesome.This is great."

(They landed on the ground.)

  • Molly: "That was fun.And look there's the treasure box.I knew we'd keep looking until we find it."
  • Boris: "That's great."
  • Julia: "But right now we're going.Guess we'll be seeing you guys."

(Before they flew off.Deema and Gil lassoed it with a rope.)

  • Molly: "Hold up the line guys."
  • Genies: "Pull."

(Deema,Gil and the Genies pulled the treasure box down with Boris and Julia.)

  • Both: "Ouchie."
  • Genies: "Mission accomplished."
  • Gil: "No need to thank us."
  • Both: "Uh guys."

(Suddenly a crack occur the ground.)

  • Deema: "Not good."

(They fell down.)

  • All: (Screaming).
  • Boris: "I really hope you be alright."
  • Julia: "We're gonna get help."

(Suddenly they fell.They hit themselves with the treasure box.)

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