Summary Edit

When Mrs Grouper gets murdered,The Guppies and Mr Grouper try to find her killer.

Story Edit

Mr Grouper approaches to his porch and began fumbling with the keys.

Mr Grouper: "Stupid Little Fish...he just had to dump all the milk into the toilet. He just had to dump all the milk into the toilet. What does that have to do with pinwheels anyway?"

Three hours ago,Little Fish had swam past Mr Grouper into the kitchen. He ran into the bathroom with Mr Grouper trailing him. Mr Grouper looked into the toilet and saw it was swirling with all the milk in the house!

Little Fish: "Look! I made a pinwheel!"

Mr Grouper grumbled as he unlocked the door. He got in and dried off.

Mr Grouper: "Dumb Little Fish. Made me go out in the middle of the night in a storm,just so we can have breakfast. Oh well! Honey! Where are you?"

He got to the kitchen and screamed! He saw Mrs Grouper lying in a puddle of blood,with a knife lying next to her. On her tail was a note. He picked it up,but could barely read it because of his tears.

You fool! You weren't home,so I settled with killing your wife! Heh,better run to the building! I'd say by the time you read this,I'll already be there!

The big orange fish burst crying as Mario and Luigi come in and saw what happened.

Mario: "What happened here?"

He saw Mrs Grouper laying dead on the kitchen floor.

Mario: "Oh,I see."

Luigi: "Well,we should go find out who killed this lady."

Mr Grouper: "She's Mrs Grouper. She's my wife."

Mario: "Now...let's go find your wife's killer."

Mr Grouper crumpled the note and the three rushed out of the house and to Kroger. On the floor,there were two dead Snails! They went in,even though they knew what they were going to find. They heard rustling in the food isle,and they crossed there. A small creature turned,and it immediately recognized it.

Mario: "Spiritomb! You killed Mrs Grouper and the Snails!"

Spiritomb: "WHAT?! No,wait,you got the wrong person! Honest! I was! Where's your mom?"

Mr Grouper: "She....I have no clue..."


The group went to the cleaning isle and Mr Grouper saw his daughter Kelly,dead,on the floor.

Mr Grouper: "No!"

Mario: "Spiri-dumbo!"

Spiritomb: "WHAT DID I DO?! I swear,I didn't do this!"

Luigi: "Wait,there are marks on the wall. Hurry!"

Mario: "Come on,Spiri-dumbo. You want to prove your innocence,right?"

Spiritomb: "Yes ma'am."

Mario: "What did you call me?!"

Spiritomb: "Nothing!"

The group climbed up and landed. Luigi pointed to the figure escaping the supermarket.

Mr Grouper: "That's him! Get him!"

The four start charging toward the figure.

Figure: "Huh?"

The figure's face was barely noticeable through the hood we wore.

Figure: "Haha! You morons can't stop me! Someone's next!"

Luigi threw Spiritomb at the figure.

Mario: "Dude,really?"

Spiritomb hit the figure,and both fell to the ground. Mr Grouper ripped down the hood and...there was nothing!

Spiritomb: "Mario,can you hold me?"

Mario: "NO!"

Meanwhile somewhere in a fancy tower,Gil was swimming down the hall whistling.

Gil: "Hey,anyone in there?"

He opened the door and swam in. He saw Bellsprout with a blowtorch.

Bellsprout: "Go away,boy."

Gil: "Hey,there! I just heard that Oona got a new plant. Come with me and blowtorch it."

Bellsprout: "I'm working! Leave me alone!"

Gil: "Okay,whatever..."

As he left,he saw Slugma quickly slithering by. Gil quickly gets in front of him.

Gil: "Where do ya think your going,punk?"

Slugma: "Leave me alone. I was just passing by! I just want someone to check something out."

Gil: "Why? Did your brother come down with meningitis? Ha!"

Slugma: "No,i feel like something is...watching me! I bet it's tough,if anything is there...tougher than you,boy!"

Gil: "I'm not that weak! I'm going to your home to find it,and kill it!"

Slugma: "Good luck,crazy."

Then he quickly slithers away. Gil stops by at Gerald(the genie)'s room. He knocked,and Gerald opened the door.

Gerald: "Yes Gil?"

Gil: "Could you check on this...small,slug,lava creature? He felt some weird presence..."

Gerald: "That small,slug,lava creature? That's Slugma,the Fire-type Pokemon. His older brother asked me to do the same thing...very well."

The two warped to the Magma Zone.

Gerald: "Careful now,presences are most active here."

The two come to a large bouncy castle-sized rock house. Gerald knock on the door. It opened by itself.

Gerald: "Wow,hostile alright!"

The boys saw that the house looked like a tornado had struck. The light flickered on and off. Then the lights turned off. Gerald gets out his flashlight.

Gerald: "Stay close,Gil."

The boys saw an entire shelf had fallen,but it was propped up at a weird angle. He stiffly pushed up a bit,and saw Slugma. Gerald cast a spell,and pulled the creature out.

Slugma: "AHHHHHHHH!!!"

He began breathing deeply,while Gerald tried to calm him.

Gerald: "Easy now,what was it you saw?"

Slugma: "Blue hair boy...right! Tougher hair boy! Too tough! Beat brother...friend! He wanted...big bro...eyes...those red eyes...he...wants us...all of us!"

Gerald cast a spell so Slugma began floating.

Gerald: "We'd better warn Gilmortil..."

He stopped and put Slugma in the hospital wing.

Drifclam swam over.

Drifclam: "What is it?"

Slugma:(with his eyes closed)"I seemed to be delusional..."

He opened his eyes and saw Drifclam.

Slugma: "AAAAAAAAAAAA! He's back! No,not again! Stay back!!! DON'T COME CLOSER!!!"

Drifclam: "Sheesh,clam down,screamer. I'm not going to hurt you."

He bonks Slugma on the head,causing him to fall asleep.

Drifclam: "There,he'll be awake in a few minutes."

Gerald and Gil continued down the hall,and stopped at Gilmortil's room. Gerald knocked on the door,and entered.

Gerald: "Gilmortil?"

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