Summary Edit

Captain Molly and Lookout Goby are brave pirates,who seek a hidden treasure after finding half of a treasure map,without knowing that Gil and Nonny are also looking for the same treasure.

Production Edit

Snack: Unkown

Songs: A pirate says arr!, A scurey pirate, Treasure, Falling off the log

Trivia Edit

This is the first episode

Cast Edit

  1. Brianna Gentilella as Molly
  2. Jelani Imagi as Goby
  3. Angelina Wahler as Deema
  4. Eamon Pirruccello as Nonny
  5. Reyna Shaskan as Oona
  6. Zachary Gordon as Gil

Story Edit

(Molly appears at the school playground,in her pirate attire.)

Molly: "ARR! Avast,me hardies! Hoist the main sail! ARR! Swab the deck! ARR! Way anchor! ARR!"(to The viewers)"Ahoy mateys! I'm Captain Molly the pirate! Pirates say stuff like 'ARR!' and 'walk the plank!'"

(Song: A Pirate Says Arrr!)

Molly: "If you wanna be pirate,get up on your feet! You can't be a pirate if you're sitting in your seat! Swing your arms tough,and stand kind of low. And make this noise wherever you go; Arrr! Arrr! Arrr! A pirate,a pirate,a pirate says Arrr! You sail a porste ship,you don't drive a car. And they know you're a pirate when they hear you say Arrr!"

(Song ends.Molly draws the Jolly Roger in the sandbox.Goby comes by in his pirate attire.)

Molly: "ARR! Ahoy,I'm Captain Molly,the patchy-eyed pirate."

Goby: "I'm Captain Goby,with a hook for a hand."

Molly: "And you know what pirates say,of course."

Both: "ARR!"

Goby: "Of course."

(Song: A Pirate Says Arrr!)

Both: "Arrr! Arrr! Arrr! A pirate,a pirate,a pirate says arrr! You sail a pirate ship,you don't drive a car. And they know you're pirate when they hear you say Arrr!"

(Song ends)

Molly: "Let's sail the seas,bucko!"

Goby: "And find some treasure! ARR!"

Deema: "Let's go Ye land lubbers."

(The camera moves to Nonny Oona and Gil who are playing ball.)

Nonny: "Hey! Over here,Gil!"

Gil: "Kick it over here,Nonny!"

Nonny: "Here you go!"

Gil: "I got it,I got it!"

Oona: "Hey what's that."

(He looks into the sandbox and sees Molly's drawing of a pirate flag.)

Gil: "Hey look! The Jolly Roger!"

Nonny: "The Jolly Roger! That means pirates are here."

Gil: "You know what pirates have?"

Nonny: "Rotten teeth?"

Gil: "Treasure! I'd sure like to find some treasure."

Nonny: "If we had treasure,we'd be rich!"

Gil: "Hey,look at this! It's half of a treaure map!"

(He holds up a piece of a hand drawn treasure map.)

Nonny: "It's too bad that's not a whole one."

Oona: "Yeah."

Gil: "Arr! But half of a map is better than nothin'! How about if we be pirates,and follow the map?"

Nonny: "And find the treasure."

Gil: "Exactly! I'll be Captain Gil,with a weak tail fin!"

Nonny: "And I'll be Captain Nonny,with a weak arm."

Gil: "Great! Let's go look for treasure!"

Oona: "I can't wait."

(The bubble pops and they're standing on a pirate ship.)

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