Agents Gil,Nonny,and Oona,the best delivery agents who never lose a package,have to bring an Asian elephant to the Dandeli Nature Reserve doe Park Ranger Deema,but Miss Rhamaswami Molly and Goby-Ji try to steal the elephant and bring it to their house and keep it as a pet.

Songs: We Are Delivery Agents,Having An Elephant As A Pet,Elephant,Where Could You Be?,Where She Belongs

Cast Edit

  1. Jay Gregnani as Gil
  2. Jet Jurgensmeyer as Nonny
  3. Tori Feinstein as Oona
  4. Grace Kaufman as Deema
  5. Issac Ryan Brown as Goby
  6. Bailey Gambertoglio as Molly


  • When in the market,the elephant hides in a small vase. It's clearly impossible for an elephant to fit in objects that are aout six times smaller than itself.

Transcripts Edit

(The episode opens up at the backyard Oona Gil and Nonny came out Oona and Gil are wearing sunglasses they were holding a small box.)

  • Gil: "I'm agent Gil."
  • Oona: "I'm agent Oona."
  • Nonny: "And i'm their partner agent Nonny."
  • Gil: "We are delivery agents."
  • Oona: "Special agents."
  • Nonny: "Who make special deliveries."
  • Oona: "We do."
  • Nonny: "Right now we're delivering this package to that sandbox."

(He holds out a small box.)

  • Oona: "We have to be careful now."
  • Nonny: "Sometimes bad guys try to steal packages."

(The trio started walking to the sandbox.)

  • Oona: "The coast is clear."
  • Nonny: "Let's move."
  • Gil: "No Guys."
  • Nonny: "Oh no."
  • Oona: "Bad guys put out traps trying to stop us."

(The camera moves towards some toys.)