Summary Edit

Molly and Gil see a bunch of crabs in a dark house with glow sticks. The kids become interested in learning about light and dark.

Pop Song: Light And Dark!

Singer: Gil

Shop: Deema's Dark Store

Customer: Goby

Lunch: Molly-Cheese Stuffed Pizza, Oona-French Bread Pizza, Nonny - Lighteroni and darkballs (macaroni and meatballs)

Storybook: The Light Crew and The Dark Gang

Characters: Deema,Gil,Nonny (Light Crew) and Goby,Molly (Dark Gang) and Oona(Emperor)

Dance: Light And Dark Rap

Singer: Deema

Dancers: Gil and Goby

Field Trip: Big Bubble Castle (for the glow-in-the-dark party)

Important Characters: Gil and Molly

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