Summary Edit

After a fight at the playground,Oona enters a cave that leads to a magical world made of paint.

Story Edit

Narrator: "It was a beautiful day in an underwater city known as Bubbletucky. Our six favorite guppy friends Molly,Gil,Goby,Oona,Deema,and Nonny,along with other six guppies Anna,Ray,Patrick,Lisa,Ellen,and Suzy,are all at the playground...well...having fun. Molly,Deema,Anna,Lisa,and Ellen are playing tea parties,the boys playing kickball,and Oona is painting a picture of..."

Oona: "Wait,I'll show you in a while."

Narrator: "Okay."

The boys are at a baseball field playing a rough game of kickball. Gil has the ball in his hand,and Goby is ready to kick it.

Gil: "Ready,Goby?"

Goby: "Sure am..."


Gil throws the ball hard,and Goby dodges it. The ball bounces back from the fence and Goby dodged it again. The ball hits Gil and sends him flying and crashing next to the table where Oona is working on her painting.

Narrator: "Wow! Now that's what I call the flying Gilball...get it?"

Gil: "That's no joke."

A cup of red paint spilled on Gil's face.

Gil: "Hey!"

He gets up and saw Oona.

Gil: "Oona. Did you see me crash next to this table?"

Oona:(not looking at Gil)"No."

Gil: "Did you bother to even help me?"

Oona: "No."


Oona: "Sheesh,Gil. Why don't you go back to your game?"

Gil: "Oh right!"

Suzy: "Hey Gil! Come back to the game!"

Gil: "Coming!"

The boys continued on with their rough game. Oona was painting pink flowers on the blacktop. Gil chases after the ball and crashes into Oona. Gil was covered in pink and yellow from head to tail.

Gil: "Oona! What is it?"

Oona: "What do you think I'm doing?"

Gil: "Turning our kickball field into YOUR flowery territory! Your dumb pink flowers are hogging up the field!"

Oona: "Your field? It's everyone's field!"

Gil: "Is not!"

Oona: "Is too!"

Gil: "Is NOT!"

Oona: "Is TOO!"

Patrick: "Hey look! A fight!"

Suzy: "Awesome!"

The girls Molly,Deema,Anna,Lisa,and Ellen heard the fight.

Deema,Anna,Lisa,Ellen: "Awesome! A boy and girl fight!"

Molly: "A fight?"

Goby,Ray,Suzy,Nonny,Patrick,Deema,Lisa,Anna,and Ellen circled around Gil and Oona chanting "fight,fight,fight!" while Gil and Oona constantly yell "is not!" and "is too!". Molly goes to see what happened.

Molly: "Mr grouper you know what we post to do.

Mr grouper: "Okay.

Molly: "Alright! Break it up! Break it up! Oona,you first!"

Oona: "Well...I was just minding my own business when-"

Gil: "Oona is a painting field hogger!"

Molly and mr grouper: "Gil! Let her finish!"

Oona: "Gil crashes into my paints and ruins them! He-"

Gil: "You messed up the kickball field!"

Molly and mr grouper: "Gil!"

Mr grouper: "And you say i am annoying

Oona: "The blacktop is not only for your dumb kickball game,it's for everyone else too!"

Molly: "I think that's fair-"

Gil: "NO! The field is for the kickball game ONLY!!!"

Mr grouper: "giil

Molly: "Now Gil-"

Gil: "Well,guess what? As of Oona messing up the blacktop with her dumb pretty pink know what I think of that? Huh? You know what I think?!"

Gil pulls out two of Oona's beautiful paintings and rips them into shreds. He pours all of her paints into a tree hole. Then he grabs Oona's paintbrush from her hands and breaks it.

Mr grouper: "Yoooooo gil.

Gil:(angrily)"That's what I think..."

Oona kneels down and glares at Gil. She gets up,angrily panting,clenching her hands into fists. She gets closer to Gil,on the verge of punching him. She fails and begans to cry loudly. She quickly left the playground while everyone but Gil stares in sadness.

Narrator: "That poor girl..."

Meanwhile,Oona ends up in a forest-like scene,crying to a tree bark. Then a voice was heard.

Voice: "Salutations,my child..."

Oona looks around to find where the voice is coming from.

Voice: "Don't you worry. I won't hurt you..."

Oona: "Who are you?"

Voice: "Follow me...into the cave,which is in front of you."

Oona hesitates to enter.

Voice: "Just go in. There's no creepy crawlers."

Oona slowly and carefully enters the cave. As she goes further,she sees light.

Oona: "Is that the way out?"

Voice: "Keep going. You might encounter a beautiful kingdom."

Oona keeps moving along to the light. When it clears,Oona finds herself in a world made of paint.

Oona: "Wow!"

Voice: "You've just entered the paint dimension."

Oona: "Dimension?"

Narrator: "A dimension is like another world with different features from the original world. Gosh,aren't I smart?"

Voice: "Enough with that. Anyway,my child...if you go further,you might meet new friends..."

Oona: "Really?"

Voice: "Yes."

Oona approaches a flowery field. She sees a friendly looking pink rose coming towards her.

Pink Rose: "Hi,are you here?!"

Oona: "Yes. I'm Oona and I-"

Pink Rose: "Nice to meet you! Nice to meet you!"

Narrator: "In case you're unsure,that fool is extremely hyperactive."

Oona: "Hyperactive?"

Narrator: "It means abnormally active,basically means extremely energetic."

Pink Rose: "The narrator's right. I AM A VERY HYPERACTIVE ROSE!!!"

Voice: "Now I may show myself."

Out of the darkness from the forest came a red-skinned guppy who looks to be 5 inches taller than Oona. His hair is black and worn in Gil's style,and two small black horns stick up. His eyes are yellow and has black pupils. His attire is described as a dark red Santa-like long sleeved shirt with a black belt. The stranger's tail is very deep purple.

Narrator: "Don't I know you from somewhere?...Nope. Doesn't ring a bell."

Red Guppy: "Of course you don't know me! I'm a complete stranger to you!"

Oona: "You're a stranger? Excuse me,I was told to never talk to strangers."

Red Guppy: "Huh? I was the voice that lead you here!"

Oona: "You're that voice I heard? What are you trying to do? Make me evil? Take over Bubbletucky? What is it? You're trying to pull something here..."

Red Guppy: "Oh,no! This is no trick! I,uh,was just showing you around..."

Narrator: "I doubt that in my belief,this guy may be plotting something..."

Red Guppy: "Don't you spill the secret! And what are you here for?"

Narrator: "Look,I'm the narrator. I have the script to everything of this episode....or maybe I don't...I know nothing about this...wait...what am I saying here?!"

Red Guppy: "You're no actual narrator..."

Narrator: "You're right,sonny. I am the narrator that just randomly say stuff..."

Red Guppy: "Just go by the things that's happening here..."

Narrator: "Alright,would you be more happier if I just stay quiet for the rest of the episode?"

Red Guppy: "I don't mind really."

Oona: "Me too."

Pink Rose: "SAME HERE!!!"

Red Guppy: "Anyway...come with me,my child..."

Oona,the pink rose and the red guppy approach the glass tower.

Oona: "What are we doing here?"

Pink Rose: "HAVING FUN!!!"

Red Guppy: "Uh...the pink fellow is right..."

Oona: "Is there a party going on?"

Pink Rose: "On the contrary...yes..."

Red Guppy: "I was going to say that!"

Oona: "Then let's go."

Narrator: "Hey,uh,Mr Red Guy. Do you have a name?"

Red Guppy: "That's not important right now! And didn't you say you're gonna stay quiet from now?"

Narrator: "Oh right..."

Oona,the red guppy,and the pink rose entered the tower. There they saw lots of creatures Oona never seen before. There's lots from the storybook segments.

Pink Rose: "Wow! Look at all those people!"

Oona: "Is there a party here? Looks nothing like one."

Red Guppy: "Everyone's just hanging out."

The pink rose and the red guppy left. Oona wandered into an art room. She sees a bunch of colorful containers of all the colors she needs to paint something beautiful. She grabs the closest paintbrush she could find and began her artwork. Meanwhile,the red guppy and the pink rose were in a dark room.

Red Guppy: "Ehehehe! So far,my evil plan worked!"

Pink Rose: "It does? Don't you have any other plans,because that is just obvious..."

Red Guppy: "Are you really smarter than me?"

Pink Rose: "Well,good guys are smarter than bad dad always says I'm a smart guy-"

Red Guppy: "What?! You're a guy?!"

Pink Rose: "Yes..."

Meanwhile,Oona was almost finished with her picture when a guppy came in. Its characteristics are as followed:green skin,Gil's black hair,pink and blue eyes,snow white tail,a white Santa hat with purple stripes,a blue short-sleeved shirt followed by black sleeves. A white belt and a purple cape is worn.

Oona:(looking behind her)"Hi ther-...eeek!"

Strange Guppy: "What are you doing here?"

Oona: "I was just..."

Strange Guppy: "GET OUT!!!"

Oona: "EEEK!!!"

She quickly swims out of the room. Within minutes,Oona bumps into the red guppy and the pink rose. Oona looks up at them.

Red Guppy: "What in the world were you doing?"

Oona: "Uhh...I was just..."

Red Guppy: "Have you been snooping in the paint room? Because if you were,I would've peeked in and catch you red-handed."

Oona: "You see..."(sadly sighs)" tell the truth...I was in the paint room..."

Red Guppy: "You WHAT?! What were you doing?!"

Oona: "Just calm down. I just want to check it out."

Pink Rose: "Heh heh. You're only a little girl. I don't know any nice and sweet little girls who could disobey anyone. And now,it seems like your the first nice and sweet little girl I know to be that way."

Oona: "Huh?"

Pink Rose: "And do you know what happens when a little girl disobeys a villain?"

Oona: "What happens?"

Pink Rose:(crazily)"I GO INSANE!!!"

Red Guppy:(slaps the rose)"I don't mean that,dummy!"

Pink Rose: "Sorry,red guy."

Red Guppy: "Well,what were you thinking?"

Later after lunch,the red guppy,pink rose,the storybook characters,and Oona all came down to the dance floor.

Pink Rose: "Hit it!"

Music plays.

(Song: Crazy Villain Style (same tune to Gangnam Style))

Pink Rose: "Crazy Villain Style!"

Red Guppy: "Villain Style!"

Pink Rose: "One day downtown there was a whole lot of rucus. A horrible disturbance caused by a bunch of bank robbers. The robbers managed to escape before cops could see them. Yet the robbers could get away...."

Red Guppy: "There is crazy villains! You may think villains are so mean and bad. Oh yes they are! They're could be crazy,hyper,and even mindless villains. Yes,that's true! We villains do no good,we do bad around,yeah we're bad all over!"

Both: "We're evil and mean,we're bad and cruel. We are bad,hey,we are bad,hey! We're evil,mean,and cruel. We are bad,hey,we are bad,hey! You can run,but you can hide-hide-hide-hide-h-h-h-h-h-h-hide!"

Rotten Tomato: "Crazy Villain Style!"

Everyone started dancing.

Rotten Tomato: "Villain Style! Yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah! Crazy Villain Style! Villain Style! Yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah! Crazy Villain Style!"

All: "Heyyyyyyyyy,crazy villains!"

Rotten Tomato: "Yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah! Crazy Villain Style!"

All: "Heyyyyyyyyy,crazy villains!"

Rotten Tomato: "Yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah!"

All: "Hey,hey,hey,hey,hey,hey!"

Pink Rose: "Villains usually tend to take over the world. And sometimes,they could even try to kidnap the innocent. We know that villains do no good,and they couldn't change that. Such bad characters they are."

Red Guppy: "There is crazy villains! Villains don't seem calm but they play bad. There's a bad guy that seems completely bad when they need to. Those bad guys have horrible ideas,but not just bad ideas. There are evil plans."

Both: "We bad guys are malicious. Yes,we're bad! Hey! We are bad! Hey! We bad guys are malicious. Yes,we're bad! Hey! We are bad! Hey! You can run,but you can't hide-hide-hide-hide-h-h-h-h-h-h-hide!"

Rotten Tomato: "Crazy Villain Style!"

Everyone starts dancing.

Rotten Tomato: "Villain Style! Yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah! Crazy Villain Style! Villain Style! Yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah! Crazy Villain Style!"

All: "Heyyyyyyyyy,crazy villains!"

Rotten Tomato: "Yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah! Crazy Villain Style!"

All: "Heyyyyyyyyy,crazy villains!"

Rotten Tomato: "Yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah!"

All: "Hey,hey,hey,hey,hey,hey!"

Pink Rose: "Antagonists try to beat the good guys. Oh my goodness,they could even try to bring them on."

Red Guppy: "Antagonists try to beat the good guys. Oh my goodness,they could even try to bring them on."

Both: "You know what I'm saying?"

Rotton Tomato: "Crazy Villain Style!"

All: "Hey-hey-hey-hey-hey-hey,heyyyyyyyyy,crazy villains!"

Rotten Tomato: "Yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah! Crazy Villain Style!"

All: "Heyyyyyyyyy,crazy villains!"

Rotten Tomato: "Yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah!"

All: "Hey-hey-hey-hey-hey-hey!"

Rotten Tomato: "Crazy Villain Style!"

(Song ends,music stops)

A loud thump was heard. The Color Monster was stomping his way to the castle.

Red Guppy: "Dag nab it,it's the Color Monster!"

The Color Monster rips a piece off of the castle where everyone stares in shock.

Color Monster: "May I join the party too?"

Rotten Tomato: "Alright,but I must shrink you!"

He shrinks the monster into a small size. The Color Monster lands on Pink Rose and they both fell to the floor.

Red Guppy: "Oona,come with me..."

The two guppies come to the paint room.

Oona: "Yes? What is it you want to tell me?"

Red Guppy: "Oona!...."(sigh)"Oona...I...I'm gonna say my name now..."

Narrator: "Finally! It's about time!"

Red Guppy: " name is....Himble."

Narrator: "What?!"

Himble: "That's right."

Narrator: (scawfs)"Oh man! I can't believe I've waited so long...for that name?! It's ridiculous!" (laughs)

Himble: "It's not funny! It's my name,after all!"

Oona: "Excuse me,uh Himble? I want to go back to my world."

Himble: "Why? You' were having a good time here..."

Oona: "Yes,but I have to go."

Himble: "Fine......I'll let you go...."

Oona: "Where's the way back?"

Himble: "Follow that path to the forest. You should see a cave,where you came through to get here."

Oona: "Oh. Thank you."

The girl follows the path through the forest. She saw the cave up ahead,and enters. Oona comes out of the cave,and realized that she's back in her own world. She goes back to the playground. When the other guppies saw her,they were smiling brightly.

Deema: "Look,guys! Oona's back!"

Oona: "Hi everyone! I'm back!"

Nonny: "Oona,you're back!"

Ellen: "Where were you?"

Oona: "I'll tell you later. But anyway,where's Gil? I think he owes me an apology."

Mr grouper: "So you came back to make fun of gil instead of missing him.

Oona: "Sorry i really miss gil but he could say sorry.

Gil: "Hi Oona....Oona...I'm...sssss..."

Oona: "Sorry?"

Gil: "Yes."

Oona: (hugging Gil)"That's okay. I forgive you!" (lets go of Gil)

Gil: "Say Oona,would you like to play kickball with me and the boys?"

Oona: "Alright! I'm on your team!"

Gil and Oona swam quickly to the kickball field together.

The End.

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