Plot Edit

When the guppies broke Mr Grouper's rule for throwing balls in the house the guppies sadly runs away and hide in the big city.

Transcripts Edit

(The episode starts off with the guppies outside.)

Molly: "Batter up."

(She throws the ball to Gil he bats it but then they hear glass shattering.)

Nonny: "What was that."

Goby: "That was the window."

All: "Darn it."

Gil: "Three, Two, One."

Mr Grouper: "Guppies.Come in here this instant."

All: “Uh Oh.”

(The Guppies swam inside.Mr Grouper was agitated.)

Mr Grouper: “Kids.What did I say about playing baseball and the baseball hits the window.”

All: “I don’t know.”

Mr Grouper: “Apologize.That’s it.You’re all grounded.”

All: “Sorry Mr Grouper.It won’t happen like that again.No more baseball.”

(The Guppies went into their rooms.)

Molly: “What are we going to do.”

Goby: “I think we should play catch the ball.”

Gil: “I’ll catch it.”

Oona: “I’ll help.”

Deema: “Okay.”

(Deema gets ready and throws the ball out the window.)

Deema: “Catch Gil and Oona.”

(Gil and Oona jumped so high and they catched the ball.But then they landed in the back of a truck.)

All: “Gil.Oona.”

Deema: “Don’t worry.Once Again.The Amazing Deema has discovered a way.The skylight.”

(Deema shoots her grappling hook to the skylight and the Guppies climbed up.)

Deema: “Now.It’s time for us to get to Gil and Oona.”

(Deema shoots her suction cup line and she kinda forgot to think of another plan.)

Deema: “Oh no.”

(Deema flew in tow.)

All: “Deema.”

Molly: “I gotcha Deema.”

(Molly lassoed Deema’s fin.)

Goby: “Nice work Molly.”

Molly: “Whoa.”

Nonny: “Don’t worry Molly.”

Goby: “We gotcha.”

(The Three Guppies got pulled away.)

All: (Screaming).

(The truck drove into the city.Then it pulled up to a stop.)

Deema: “We stopped.”

Molly: “Well. That's a relief.”

(Gil and Oona climbed out.)

Gil: “Hey Guys. Where are we.”

Nonny: “We’re in the city.”

Goby: “I really like coming here.”

Molly: “And it’s kind of a good thing. Especially when you have time to get away from your parents and teachers.”

Oona: “What say we go exploring.”

Deema: “Alright. We’ll slip up.”

All: “Okay. Sounds good.”

(The Guppies all spread out.)