The guppies go to school for a sleepover one night,while they learn about sleepovers.molly went missing.can the guppies find her in time?


  • This episode takes place at school during nighttime.
  • The guppies are seen in their pj's in this episode.



Molly: I'm all packed and ready to go.

Gil: all packed too.

At school everyone is here

All: good evening mr grouper.

Mr grouper: well good evening everyone.

Goby: mr grouper we're all prepared.

The next day

Mr grouper: today we'll do experiment the first one to drop an egg can be first in line for the Eiffel tower.

(the egg are dropped Deema tried to drop an egg with a parachute.molly drops an egg onto that pillow.)

Mr grouper: congratulations molly you'll be first in line for the Eiffel tower.

The next day

Ashlie: I still dared you to drop an egg from up there.

Molly: but I don't have an egg or a pillow.

Ashlie: look you do now.

Molly: well.


Mr grouper: do not ever except a dare they could be dangerous.

(flashback ends)

Molly: I cannot do it.

Ashlie: why not are you a chicken(acts like a chicken).

Molly: no.

Ashlie: you're afraid your experiment will never work.

After the rat scene

Ashlie: let's go molly.

(Up they went)

Molly: the top is steep.

Ashlie: it's fintastic.

Molly: we are so high I can almost touch the clouds.

Manager: down.going down.

Molly: we have to go Ashlie.

Ashlie: but we haven't done your experiment.

Molly: I know I.

Manager: everyone must go down now.

Molly: you see.

Ashlie: you're afraid the egg would break.

Molly: not at all.

Manager: is everybody in?

Ashlie: sh.

(Down they went mr grouper and the guppies are swimming back to school)

Mr grouper: alright guppies it is getting late.

(back at the Eiffel tower)

Molly: i cannot see the pillow Ashlie it's to far down.

Ashlie: it is right below is trust me.

Molly: very well.

(Molly drops the egg and down and down the egg was sent)

Molly: I cannot see it at all.

Ashlie: we'd better go down and look.

Manager: the elevator is broken I'm sorry.

(Disappointed chatter)

Manager: they will be fixed tomorrow.

(They keep chattering and they left at the top the two guppies we're out of luck with no way down and it's getting dark)

Ashlie: yikes.

Molly: guppies.

Ashlie: help.

Molly: oh ashlie I never excepted your dare.

Ashlie: And I never should've dared you.

Molly: I know we can write a note and drop it down.

Ashlie: good idea.

(Molly write a note says: HELP!GET US DOWN.she throws it down.meanwhile back at school mr grouper and the guppies came home and mr grouper notices molly and Ashlie are gone.)

(At the eiffel tower)

(At the top both molly and Ashlie are getting cold and pretty hungry their tummies gurgle loudly)

Molly: ashlie i'm hungry.

Ashlie: me too.

Molly: I would like to have macaroni and cheese.

Ashlie: and some pasta.

Both: (rubbing their tummies)yummy.

Molly: and for dessert chocolate cake and cupcakes.

Ashlie: and a big apple pie.

(Their tummies rumble again)

Molly: not I'm even hungrier.

Ashlie: me too.

Molly: oh ashlie I'm afraid we'll be here forever.(cries).

Ashlie: I never should've dared.

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