Little Fish: NFL Bubble Guppies.

Molly: Hi, Its me molly, And its time for.........

Gil: Normal!

Molly: Did Somebody Say Normal?

Gil: Normal!

Molly: I Did Too, Com'on.

Gil: Normal!

Molly: Hi Gil, What are you doing?

Gil: Normal, Not much im saying a magic word. Normal!  Uh Oh. Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.

Molly: ( giggling ) Its time for NFL bubble guppies.

After theme song the bubble guppies wanted to sing a theme song too. And the little fish wants to say.

Little Fish: Gil's Normal Day.

They swamed and pass gil all the time.

Gil: Hello.

Gil swams along all by herself, and look who's there.

Gil: Do you hear eleven mini cute super mario bros figures?

They hear and he said.

Gil: I Do too.

Mr Noreiga: Come dear mate, Here's Your Mail!

Gil: I Know but, How did we get there?

Mr Noreiga: Becuase you like them so much long.

Gil: Really? Oh Great Work! I Got to go everybody. Bye Mr Noreiga!

Mr Noreiga: Bye Gil.

Gil: Com'on!

As gil off to school and they going to make something open the door bell rings and there's goby oona molly and deema.

Goby: Hi

Oona: Hi

Molly: Hi

( Bubble Puppy Barks )

Deema: Hi There

The guppies waves to mr grouper.

Molly,Goby,Deema,Oona,Nonny: Good Morning Mr Grouper!

Mr Grouper: Well good morning everyone.

Gil: Okay, That's it mr grouper! It's normal day!

Mr Grouper: Well that's a big normal day!

Nonny: Perfecto and terrific!

Mr Grouper: Well does have anything need to do?

Kids: Yeah!

Mr Grouper: I can't wait for the emergency together!

Oona: What's That?

Molly: A biggest good time in the whole wide world.

Gil: In fact, I have be able the first join of the day.

Mr Grouper: Let's think about what kind of normal day.

There won't be able until we saw a.........

( Bubble Pop )

Molly: Different.

Mr Grouper: You got it! A different thing.

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