Transcript Edit

(Screen opens up to the guppies preparing the surprise party.Gobygets a text message.)

Goby: "Ooh a text message."

(The text message is from Gil.)

Goby: "Gil's on his way guys."

Molly: "Thanks again for taking me out Gilly I really appreciate it."

Gil: "No problem after all it's your Birthday."

Goby: "Is everything all set Gil's on his way soon."

All: "Yeah.I think so.Of course."

(There's another text message.)

All: "Gil's coming hurry hide everyone be quiet.Shh."

Gil: "How about we go to the kitchen to get some lunch."

Molly: "Okay I'm hungry."

Gil: "Why is it so dark in here."

All: "Surprise.Happy Birthday Molly."

Molly: "Oh my gosh look at this.I don't believe it you guys got me good."

Gil: "But it's your party Molly."

Goby: "Let's pass out the food."

(Everyone began to pass out hot dogs and pizza.)

Molly: "Mmm yummy."

(Later on Everyone is lying on the floor.)

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