The Bubble Guppies learn about puppet shows. They go to see one called "The Three Little Monsters" (based on "The Three Little Pigs"), but the Allergic Marionette sneezes Monster #1's house down! It's up to Gil to take the stage in his place!

Pop Song: "Puppets"

Singer: Molly

Shop: Oona's Little Puppet Store

Customer: Goby

Lunch: Deema - Linguini Alfredo; Molly - Pasta Primavera; Oona - Pup-peroni and cheese

Storybook: "Caveman Puppets"

Characters: Goby and Deema

Dance Song: "If You Wanna Be a Puppet"

Singer: Goby

Backup Dancers: Nonny and Deema

Field Trip: Puppet Play

Important Character: Gil


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