Songs: "Bathtime Is Done"

Shop: The Boat Store

Lunch: Oona - White French Bread pizza; Gil - A chicken salad sandwich; Nonny: Boat-aroni and cheese

Dance Song: "Rub-a-Dub-Dub"

Singer: Gil

Storybook: "Adventure in the Bathtub"

Field Trip: The Blacktop Boat Float 

Important Characters: Gil, Goby


(Bubble Splash)

2 Little Fish: Bubble Guppies!

Molly: Hi, it's me molly, and it's time for. . . . . .

Gil: Took A Bath in it.

Molly: It's time for. . . . . .

Gil: Water!

Molly: But gil, You have water in it!

Gil: Sorry, I need some soap.

(Soap slipped)

Molly: Your soap is gonna be slippery!

Gil: I know, Oh no, Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh

Molly: (Giggles) It's time for bubble guppies!

All: Bub-bub Bubble Gup-gup Guppies!

Boys: Bubble bubble bubble

Girls: Guppy guppy guppy

Gil: Bubble!

Molly: Bubble!

Goby: Guppy!

Deema: Guppy!

(Clap two times)

All: Bubble Guppies!

Molly: I'm Molly.

Gil: I'm Gil.

Goby: I'm Goby.

Deema: I'm Deema.

Oona: I'm Oona.

Nonny: I'm Nonny.

(Bubble puppy Barks)

Gil and Molly: Bubble Puppy!

All: Bub-bub Bubble Gup-gup Guppies!

Girls: Bubble bubble bubble

Boys: Guppy guppy guppy

Goby: Bubble!

Deema: Bubble!

Oona: Guppy!

Nonny: Guppy!

(slap fin two times)

All: Bubble Guppies!

(Slap two fins with Mr grouper)

All: Bubble Guppies!

2 Little Fish: Nonny's Turn!

Gil: Hello!

Goby: Hi!

As they swam to Lobster's House and they heard something

Gil: Wow, Did you hear that?

Goby: I do, That sounds like lobsters, Come On.

Lobster: Well hello to my boat float!

Goby: Hello Lobster, I want to make a new boat float please.

Lobster: Well okay!

Gil: Have you been everyone got on your boat float?

Goby: Boat float is cool!

Lobster: I got a new boat to show you come and see!

Gil,Goby: Impossible! Awesome!

Lobster: If you sail a boat, you'll be already!

Gil: You know what?

Lobster: What?

Gil: If you always have my boat for the sailing.

Goby: But if always coming in our land together!

Lobster: Great! But it's time for my bath!

Gil: We gotta go tell everyone about this!

Gil,Goby: Bye lobster!

Lobster: See you later and don't forgot to take a bath!

Gil,Goby: We do!

Goby: Come on!

As they swam to the classroom, Molly and the viewers greetings

Molly: Hi!

Oona: Hello!

Deema: Hello there!

(Bubble Puppy Barks)

Molly,Deema,Oona,Nonny: Good morning Mr Grouper!

Mr Grouper: Good morning everyone!

Gil: Mr Grouper! Did you know that boat is sailing for two?

Mr Grouper: Yeah! There are so many kinds of sailing for taking a bath early.

Molly: But we do have anywhere!

Oona: I like my bath already to go take a bath!

Deema: I like my bath!

Nonny: I like my bath toy for sailing!

Molly: Okay Mr Grouper! What else do need for a bathtime?

Goby: Yeah, like what?

Mr Grouper: Let's think about bathtime! if you put a bath. . . . ..(Waits for a minute)

(Bubble Pop)

Goby: Toy!

Mr Grouper: Yep! And when you get to toy to play in the bath you'll have the rubber. . . . . . .(Waits for a minute again)

(Bubble Pop)

Molly: Duck!

Mr Grouper: Right! And you'll have the new one, and you dry with a nice of. . . . . .(Waits for a minute this time)

Gil: Towel!

Mr Grouper: Yes! Towels could be nice and dry.

(Bubble Pop)

Deema: I love her bathtime is done!

Gil: Let's sing about it!

(Noodlebug Music begins background with Molly and Gil)

Molly (Sings): Bathtime is done so, climb out of the tub, it's time to get dry!

Gil (Sings): Let's rub a dub dub! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Molly (Sings): Dry two eyes! Dry one chin! Dry two ears! Don't let the elephant say!