Song: So you want to have a pet

Singer: Molly, Deema

Shop: The Pet Supplies Store

Customers: Oona

Lunch: Molly - A Turkey Sandwich and some popcorn Oona - A Cheese Sandwich and popcorn  Nonny - A Ham Sandwich and Pup-Corn

Storybook: The pet rescue squad and the Petnapper.

Dance song: Pet the pets

Singer: Gil

Dancers: Goby and Deema

Field Trip: Pet store

Important Characters: Deema


Little Fish: "Bubble Guppies."

Molly: "Hi, it's me molly and it's time for..."

Gil: "Bring me a pet!"

Molly: "Huh."

Gil: "Come give me a pet!"

Molly: "What are you doing Gilly?"

Gil: "I'm just bring me a good day for a pet!"

Molly: "Oh that's great.It's time for.."

Gil: "I'm just ready to go the pet school day, I'm almost.Whoa."

(He wobbles with his heavy load and crashes offscreen.)

Gil: "I'm okay."

Molly: (Giggles)"It's time for Bubble Guppies!"

(After theme song, The 2 little fish hear the words)

2 Little Fish: "Bring your pet to school day!"

(Deema and Molly swim in the screen.)

Deema: "Hello!"

Molly: "Hi."

Deema: "Come with us."

(As they walks to find a pet for a little bunny.)

Deema: "I think it's coming.Let's go check it out."

Molly: "C'mon."

Dr. Petter: "Hello, What can i get you from them?"

Deema: "Hey ya Dr. Petter, We will like all kinds of pets!"

Molly: "Me too."

Dr. Petter: "Okay which one?"

Deema: "How about?, A bunny."

Molly: "Bunnies are the best they hop."

Dr. Petter: "Awwwww, That's cute little bunny!"

Deema: "Better look for her name Hopsy."

Dr. Petter: "Okay, Put in a cage and go to school!"

Deema: "All right, Thanks dr. petter, Bye!"

Dr. Petter: "Have fun with your new pet!"

Molly: "We will."

Deema: "Let's bunny hop to school."

Both: "Hop.Hop.Hop."

Deema: "Come on!"

(As they Bunny hops to school and Oona waves and to viewers)

Oona: "Hello!"

Goby: "Hi!"

(Bubble Puppy Barks)

Gil: "Hello!"

Gil, Goby, Oona, Nonny: "Good morning mr grouper!"

Mr Grouper: "Well good morning everyone."

Deema: "Mr grouper, We saw a bunny named Hopsy!"

Mr Grouper: "Awwwwwwwww!"

Gil: "I think i will call her. . . . . . Hopsy!"

All: "They are so cute!"

Mr Grouper: "Can i have my favorite bunny food?"

Oona: "What's a bunny food?"

Nonny: "A bunny food is rabbit's like to eat."

Mr Grouper: "Oh i see the most of the bunny foods!"

Molly: "Like what?"

Mr Grouper: "Let's think about what kind a pet do you wanted! If you have a bunny, You cover the cage with a. . . . . ."

(Bubble Pop)

Goby: "Newspaper!"

Mr Grouper: "Yep a newspaper, And when you get to added hay and. . . . . . ."

(Bubble Pop)

Oona: "Water!"

Mr Grouper: "Right water, And when you put the bunny into the very own. . . . . . ."

(Bubble Pop)

Gil: "Cage!"

Mr Grouper: "Right a cage, All of these kind are an excellent pets!"

Deema: "I love pets."

Gil: "Let's sing about It."

(Music begins background)

Molly (Sings): So you want to have a pet with a tail or wing or paw.I know it's really really true.

Gil: (Sings): And to love with just me and you.

Molly (Sings): Hopping and Barking and meowing that's the tune.But a pet is really sweet.And and bird can sometimes tweet.

Oona (Speaks): Now tell me what a pet does.

Molly (Sings): A pet is kind and a pet is listening.If you want to have a pet i know it's the glistening.A pet gets to do everything you do.Like rolling over fetching over and over and sitting with you and you.And that is what a pet has got to do.

Deema (Sings): Yes I want a pet that meows and meows and I love it wow.With long tail and kitty ears to hear and hear.And some kittens to make just tell me what it takes.

Molly (Sings): A pet is kind and a pet is listening.If you want to have a pet i know it's glistenlping.A pet gets to do everything you do.Like fetching a stick and fetching a ball and I know it all.A pet has done things through and through.And that is what a pet has got to do.

Deema (Sings): And maybe I could have a pet too.

(The viewers clap and cheer the screen turns brown.)

Oona: "I need something for my pet.Come with me."

(She swam over to the booth and she rings the bell.)

Deema: "Supplies."

Oona: "Hello I'd like something for my pet please."

Deema: "Well you certainly come to the right place."

(The bubble pops and the background changed into a pet store.)

Deema: "Welcome to Deema's Pet Supplies Store.What can I get you today."

Oona: "Well my kitten wants something to scratch on."

Deema: "Something to Scratch on.Hmm.I got these three items to choose from.A scratching post a Dog Ball and a Carrot."

Oona: (To viewers)"We need your help.Which item will be perfect for my cat to scratch on."

Little Fishes: "The scratching post."

Oona: "You're right this Scratch Post is perfect.Thank you."

Deema: "You're welcome(To viewers)"And thank you for your help."

Mr Grouper: "Excuse me.What time is it."

Deema: "It's time for lunch."

Mr Grouper (Sings): What time is it.

Molly,Oona and Nonny (Sings): It's time for lunch.

Mr Grouper (Sings): What time is it.

Molly,Oona and Nonny (Sings): It's time for lunch.

Mr Grouper (Sings): What time is it.

Molly,Oona, and Nonny (Sings): It's time for lunch.

Mr Grouper (Sings): It's lunchtime.

Molly,Oona and Nonny (Sings): Hey what's for Lunch.

(The bubble pops and the background changes into a Pet Playground.)

Oona: "Hey Molly.What did you get for Lunch."

Molly: "I got a Turkey Sandwich and some popcorn.What did you get Oona."

Oona: "I got a Cheese Sandwich and popcorn.What did you get Nonny."

Nonny: "I got a Ham Sandwich and Pup-Corn."

(The viewers laugh.And the Little Fishes laughs as well.)

Little Fishes: "Pup-Corn.That's some silly business.Silly Puppy Business."

(The screen shifts to the Ocean Scene Molly and Bubble Puppy was there.)

Molly: "Dogs are a big Responsibility. Isn't it Bubble Puppy."

(Bubble Puppy barked agree.)

Gil: "Hey Molly."

Molly: "Hey Gilly.What are you doing."

Gil: "I'm taking a Puppy on a walk."

Molly: "That's cool.But remember dogs can sometimes chased after cats."

Little Fishes: "Meow.Meow."

Molly: "Like them."

Gil: "Uh oh.No Puppy heal.Uh stay(Screams)."

(Molly and the viewers laugh.)

Deema: "Hey Molly.We're playing pets.Come play with us.Meow."

Molly: "Let's go."

(They swim to the classroom.Everyone is playing pets.)

Deema: "Meow, meow, Hello Goby, what’s with that bunny?"

Goby: "It's my bunny costume! I made it all by myself!"

Deema: ''Cool Goby, you're a great bunny costume!''

Goby: ''Thanks, hop along and come with you! Hop hop hop hop hop hop!''

Molly,Deema: (Laughs)

Molly: ''Gilly, you want to have a perfect pet today is a puppy?''

Gil: ''Uh? Okay!''

Molly: ''Great! Now we can have hopsy to my favorite own at the store together!''

Gil,Goby,Deema,Oona,Nonny: ''Yeah!''

Mr. Grouper: ''Okay, you all my pets. Line up, it's time to go outside!''