Molly in WonderlandEdit

When the Queen of Hearts reveals plans to take over Wonderland, she uses her magic wand to turn everyone into Card Knights! It's up to Molly, a foreigner in Wonderland, to save the day!


Molly: Alice

Nonny: The White Rabbit

Oona: Cheshire Cat

Gil: Mad Hatter

Goby: March Hare

Jimberly: The Dormouse

Vector and Hynn: The Tweedles

Joshua: The Knave of Hearts

Little Fish: Card Knights

Tobias: The Caterpillar

Deema: The Queen of Hearts


The songs are basically Lewis Carrol's poems.


  • The Mock Turtle was supposed to appear in this special, but canceled mid-production.
  • In this episode, Molly almost tells Gil her feelings.
  • Oona sings a song called "I'm Odd."


Little Fish: "'Bubble Guppies!'"

Molly: "Hi! It's me, Molly! And it's time for...--!"

Gil: "Wonderland is wonderful!"

Molly: (laughs) "Gosh, did you hear that? It sounds like Gil! He's trying to get Wonderland back! Come on!"

Gil: "Wonderland!"

Molly: "What are you do--?"

Gil: "Hey!"

Molly: "No, Gil! You're not going to Wonderland!"

Gil: (sighs)talk about not going to wonderland.

Molly: (frowns and rubs his back consolingly) "It's time for 'Bubble Guppies!'"

(After the theme song, the title is introduced.)

Little Fish: "'Molly in Wonderland!'"