The guppies are having a party when a mean witch kidnaps Gil! She takes him to the Castle of Kidnapping, where she puts him in a cage that hangs precariously over a pool of lava.

Meanwhile, the other guppies are worried. Then, out of nowhere, a white, black, and yellow guppy appears, stating that he is a Baltimore legend. He gives them powers and cool outfits to help them rescue Gil. Can they save him before his cage falls into the lava?

(This episode is a one-hour special)


Molly: "Hi! It's me, Molly! And it's time for...--"

Gil: "Molly, help! I'm being taken away by eagles!"

Molly: (throws out birdseed, making the eagles swarm it instead of Gil)

Gil: "Thanks, Molly!"

Molly: "You're welcome!"

Eagles: "You can't catch us."

Gil: "You can run I mean you can fly but you can't hide.Get back here."

Molly: "It's time for 'Bubble Guppies!'"

(Theme song plays, and the blue backround goes away)

Little fish: The Castle of Kidnapping.

(Molly and Gil are swimming to school)

Molly: "Gil, look! That story in the newspaper!"

Gil: "It says, 'Witch Released from Baltimore Jail.'"

Molly: "The one who turned Bubble Puppy into a frog in our fairytale?"

Gil: "Yeah!"

Molly: "We wouldn't want to worry about that later! Right now, we have to get to class! We don't want to be late for the Party!"

Gil: "I brought snacks for the Baltimore's Victory party!"

Molly: "The guppies and I blew up balloons, and Mr Grouper baked a cake!"

Gil: "Cool!"

(at school)

Guppies: "Good morning, Mr. Grouper!"

Mr. Grouper: "Good morning!"

Oona: "Where are Gil and Molly?"

Gil and Molly: (breathing really hard, tired from swimming) "We made it!"

Oona: "Let's go outside and start the party!"

(the witch is watching)

Witch: "The two who spoiled my potion...! But the blue-haired guppy was the one who dropped the egg in my potion! I should get him!"

(Guppies sing about the Baltimore Super Bowl)

Guppies: "B-A-L-T-I-M-O-R-E: Baltimore! N-E-I-G-H-B-O-U-R-S: Neighbours!"

Gil: "B-A-L-T-I-M-O-R-E: Balitmore N-E-I-G-H-B-O-U-R-S: Neighbours!

After the song

Gil: Ahh!" (Gil is dragged away by the witch) "Guys! Save me!"

Guppies: "Gil!"

Oona: "Where is she taking him?"

???: "The Castle of Kidnapping..."

Molly: "Who said that?"

???: "I did..."

Nonny: "Hey, are you...?"

Goby: "Impossible!"

Oona: "But you--! How?"

Molly: "It can't be...!"

Deema: "You're...!"

Guppies: "Lightningtail!"

Lightningtail: "Everyone thinks I was killed by the dragon that destroyed half of Baltimore, but once I was inside him, I stunned his tummy and made him explode!"

Nonny: "That's so cool!"

Oona: "Do you know how to save Gil?"

Lightningtail: "Yes, but I must give you the power to control the elements first."

Oona: "What's an 'element?'"

Lightningtail:"An element is something that makes up our planet. Like sand or water..."

Goby: "Trees?"

Lightningtail: "Yes! Now, this is a spell that only I know, and it only works once, so if it fails, Gil is doomed! (closes his eyes) From trees to grass to water, alaho! Controlling the elements is what you shall do!"

Goby: "I feel something..."

(magically picks up sand)

Goby: "Awesome!"

Nonny: "Where have I seen this before?"

Goby: "'The Last Waterbender!' Duh!"

(rest of the guppies get their powers)

Lightningtail: "Now we have to journey to the Castle of Kidnapping!"

(at the castle,)

Susan: "Gil, catch!" (throws him something, portal closes)

Gil: (looks down at watch in his hands) "Cool!"

Molly: (through watch) "Susan and Mary made these watches so we can keep track of each other! What do we need to pass to get to you?"

Gil: (through watch) "The River of Goo, the Gate of Painting, and the Obsidian Maze..."

Thundertail: "Let's go!"

(at the River of Goo)

Guppies: "Ew!"

Molly: "I can control water," (turns to viewers) "but I need your help! What can I make out of water that will help us cross this river?"

Little Fish: "A bridge!"

Molly: "Yeah! A bridge!"

Goby: "This river is really wide!"

Molly: "We can measure how many guppies wide the bridge should be!"

(guppies form a straight, horizontal line across the river)

Molly: "How many guppies wide is the river? Two, four, or six?"

Little Fish: "Six!"

Molly: "That's right!" (makes bridge)

Goby: "But the bridge is made of water! We'll fall through it!"

Molly: "We won't! I made it specially for us!"

(guppies swim across)

Nonny: "Look! The Gate of Painting!"

Lightningtail: "We have to paint the Gate to look like an archway to get past it!"

Nonny: "Let's look at the world around us right now."

Goby: "It has trees, water, and a sand path."

Nonny: (turns to viewers) "What should we paint the Gate to look like?"

Little Fish: "The one on the right!"

Nonny: "Correct! That one has trees, water, and a sand path!"

Oona: "I was a painting ninja when I was younger! Ki yaa!"

Deema: "Nice work, Oona!"

(at the Castle of Kidnapping)

Gil: "You'll never get away with this!"

Witch: "Yes, I will!"

Gil: "Is it just me or is it really hot in here?" (looks below)

Gil: "Ahh!"

Witch: "Silence! Soon, all the Rusherz in America will be captured by my Napper Bots!"

Bots: "Stay in your cage, Blue Hair!"

Gil: "My name is not 'Blue Hair!' It's Gil!"

(at the Obsidian Maze)

Oona: "This is one big maze!"

Goby: "I know!"

Deema: "Look! A button!" (presses button) "Cool! A map!"

Lightningtail: "How could I forget there was a map?"

Molly: "This is the map! Take it! You can tell us where to go!" (looks up at viewers) "Which way?"

Little Fish: "Forward!"

Goby: "Now which way?"

Little Fish: "Right!"

Nonny: "A little more! Which way?"

Little Fish: "Forward!"

Deema: "Almost there! Which way?"

Little Fish: "Left!"

Oona: "This feels like the end! Which way?"

Little Fish: "Forward!"

Lightningtail: "We got out!"

Oona: "I can see the Castle of Kidnapping!"

Goby: "Let's go!"

(swim up to the castle gate)

Lightningtail: "This i--ahh!"

Bots: "Do not enter the Castle of Kidnapping!"

Oona: "Run!"

Goby: "How will we get in?"

Oona: "Pole vaulting!"

Molly: "Really..."

Oona: "What?!If we can just get in they'll be none of the wiser!"

Molly: "Fine!"

(the guppies make it inside the castle)

Goby: "Okay, we're in! Let's go save Gil.Look out Gil here we come--ahh!"

Nonny: "They got Goby!"

All: "Goby."

(with Gil)

Gil: "Goby? Why are you here?"

Goby: "Got taken."

(back with the other guppies)

Oona: "The castle's booby trapped!"

Deema: (Laughter)"These plants are tickling me!"

All: "Deema!"

(with Gil and Goby)

Goby: "You got caught in a trap, too?"

Deema: "Yes i think so."

(with the others)

Nonny: "Jump on the floating platforms!"

Molly: "I have a bad feeling about this..."

Oona: "Ahh! I'm falling!"

Both: "Oona."

(with Gil,Goby, and Deema)

Gil: "That makes four of us..."

(with the last two free guppies)

Molly: "It's just you and me now, Nonny..."

Nonny: "Look! There they are!"

Guppies: "Molly! Nonny!

Molly: "I'll save you!"

Nonny: "I'll help too how about you Ligtningtail?Lightningtail where are you?thundertail where did you go?"

???: "Muwahahahahaha!"

Molly: "Um...Lightningtail?"

???: "I'm not Lightningtail... I'm...the witch!"

Deema: "Where's Lightningtail?"

Witch: "He'll be eaten by piranhas in a few minutes...!"

Molly: "Quick Nonny."

Nonny: "I have to control metal!"

(gains the power to control metal, breaks cages)

Witch: "Curse you!"

Molly: "I have to control wood!" (breaks witch's broom)

Witch: "No!"

Molly: "Sorry Witch you messed with the wrong guppies now Goby you have to control bubbles!"

Goby: "Super bubble!"

(The bubble floats toward the witch and she gets trapped in it.)

Witch: "What hey I'm trapped."

Molly: "Deema push the self destruct button it could totally blow up the Castle Of Kidnapping hurry."

(Deema pushes the self destruct button.)

Witch: "No!"

Computer: "10 Seconds to self destruct."

Molly: "Hurry guys let's get out of here."

Deema: "You're coming with us witch."

(They get out of the Castle of Kidnapping and the whole thing exploded.)

Gil: "Alright guys let's put the witch into this door for good."

Witch: "No.No."

Goby: "And she is out of here."

(They lock and barged the door up for good.)

Molly: "Can you do the honours Gilly."

Gil: "With pleasure."

(They throw the door down a cliff.The guppies did a tail slap for their well done.Meanwhile at a very special ceremony)

Mayor: "For saving us all from the witch once again, the new Baltimore legends are...the Bubble Guppies!"

(While crowd cheers, background changes to blue and and scene shifts to Molly and Gil)

Gil: "Thanks for saving me, Molly!"

Molly: "You're welcome--ahh!"

Gil: "She got taken away by eagles this time?" (throws birdseed)

Molly: "Thanks, Gilly!"

Neighbours: "Gotcha!"

Gil: "Oh I'm gonna get you."

Neighbours: "You have to catch us first."

Gil: "You can run Neighbours but you can't hide from me.Hey guys wait stop come back here."

Molly and the viewers laughs

(Theme song reprise)

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