Song: Ride with me by City Spud

Singer: Molly (at Geekdad Japanese Robots)

Shop: The Robot Store

Lunch: Molly - A pizza; Gil - A grilled cheese sandwich; Nonny - Maca-robot and cheese

Dance Song: "Electricity"

Singer: Goby

Storybook: "Flow to the Grogressive"

Field Trip: Where's My Rocketbelt?

Important Characters: Molly, Oona, and Gil


Little Fish: "'Bubble Guppies!'"

Molly: "Hi! It's me, Molly! And it's time for...--!" 

Original: Does that right either?

Field Production: Nothing could do wrong!

Molly: There's no way we could her.

Voice: Maybe would help.

Graphic: Or maybe not!

Xreography: Sorry about that.

Color: Remember - - - - - 

Music: Well, You could have enough, All right!

Design Supervisor: "It's time for 'Bubble Guppies!'"

All: "Bub-Bub-Bubble, Gup-Gup-Guppies!"

Boys: "Bubble, Bubble, Bubble--"

Girls: "Guppy, Guppy, Guppy!"

Gil, Molly: "Bubble! Bubble!"

Goby, Deema: "Guppy! Guppy!"

(Clap two times)

All: "Bubble Guppies!"

Molly: "I'm Molly!"

Gil: "I'm Gil!"

Goby: "I'm Goby!"

Deema: "I'm Deema!"

Oona: "I'm Oona!"

Nonny: "I'm Nonny."

(Bubble Puppy barks.)

Gil, Molly: "Bubble Puppy!"

All: "Bub-Bub-Bubble, Gup-Gup-Guppies!"

Girls: "Bubble, Bubble, Bubble!"

Boys: "Guppy, Guppy, Guppy!"

Goby, Deema: "Bubble! Bubble!"

Oona: Nonny: "Guppy! Guppy!"

(High-fin two times)

All: "Bubble Guppies!"

(High-fin with Mr. Grouper twice)

All: "Bubble Guppies!"

Three Little Fish: "Flo On Grogressive

Molly: "Hello!"

(Rocketbelt whooshes!)

Molly: "Oh, my! What happened?"

(Rocketbelt whooshes!)

Molly: "That sounds like a rocketbelt whoosing around!"

(Rocketbelt whooshes!)

Molly: "We have to help them! Come on!"

(Rocketbelt whooshes)

Molly: "Excuse me!"

Mr. Rocketbelter: "Yes?"

Molly: " you need help?"

Mr. Rocketbelter: "Why? Because our Rocketbelt was whooshing around?"

Molly: "Right! you?"

Mr. Rocketbelter: "Well, maybe we could use some help..."

Molly: "Okay!"

Mr. Rocketbelter: "All right, Molly, we'll give it a try. You can come back later when I'm ready for you!"

Molly: "I have to get to school anyway, so that sounds great! See you later, Mr. Rocketbelter!"

Mr. Rocketbelter: "I'll be waiting!"

Molly: (to viewers) "Come on!"

As Molly heads to school, Gil and the others greet the viewers.

Gil: "Hi!"

Oona: "Hello!"

Deema: "Hi!"

Goby: "Hello!"

Bubble Puppy barks.

Gil, Goby, Deema, Oona, Nonny: "Good morning, Mr. Grouper!"

Mr. Grouper: "Well, good morning, everyone!"

Molly: (swims in) "Guess what, Mr. Grouper? I just saw a Rocketbelt whooshing around outside!"

Mr. Grouper: "Wow! Hey, how would you all like to come and play 'Rocketbelt' with me?"

(A little time at the crafts table later...)

Mr. Grouper: "Great work!"

Deema: "I like my Rocketbelt!"

Oona: "I like my Rocketbelt, too! It can fly!"

Nonny: "I like my Rocketbelt because it can whoosh around like me!" (goes around the room whooshing)

All: (giggle)

Gil: "I like my Rocketbelt 'cause it's dangerous!"

Goby: "What else do we need for our Rocketbelts, Mr. Grouper?"

Mr. Grouper: "Let's think about what kinds of things are needed for a Rocketbelt?"

Mr. Grouper: "We're building something called a Rocket...?" (waits for the answer)

(a bubble pops)

Goby: "Belt!"

Mr. Grouper: "Good work! A Rocketbelt!"

Mr. Grouper: "And we can do lots of things with them when they're finished! For example, we can throw them in the air and watch them...?" (waits again)

(a bubble pops)

Molly: "Fly!"

Mr. Grouper: "Right! Fly!"

Mr. Grouper: "And we need to find something to make our Rocketbelts a little...?" (waits one more time)

(a bubble pops)

Deema: "Cooler!"

Mr. Grouper: "Exactly! So let's put on our belts and start looking! This is gonna be so fun!"

(music starts in the background)

Molly: (sings) "Ooh!"

Gil, Goby: (say) "Whoo, whoo!"

Molly: (sings) "Where are they?" (repeats eight times)

Gil, Goby: (say) "Come on now!"

Molly: (sings) "If you wanna go and take a ride with me, we'll be flyin' in the sky!"

Gil, Goby: (say) "Hey, we're so high!"

Molly: (sings) "If you wanna go and see faraway places, come along with me now!"

Gil, Goby: (say) "Hey, look at that!"

Molly: (sings) "If you wanna go and experience life, just come on and take my hand!"

Gil, Goby: (say) "Hey, this is great!"

Molly: (sings) "If you wanna go and see cool sights, I'm your girl!"

Gil, Goby: (say) "Hey, she's our ticket!"

Molly: (sings) "If you wanna go and become someone new, believe and take a chance!"

Gil, Goby: (sing) "Hey, let's do it!"

Molly: (sings) "And if you wanna go and have a good time, this is where the fun starts!"

Gil, Goby: (sing) "Hey, this'll be fun!"

Molly: (sings) ''Face and body frotenac don't know how to act, Without no vouchers on her boots she's bringing nothing back!''

Gil, Goby: (say) ''You should feel the impact!''

Molly: (sings) ''Shop on plastic, When the sky's limit and them haters can't get past them, Watch me as i gas 4 to 6 range!''

Gil, Goby: (say) It feel strange now!

Molly: (sings) ''Making a live off my breath, Instead of caine now!''

Gil, Goby: (say) '' I got the title!''

Molly: (sings) ''From my mama put the whippin on my name now!''

Gil, Goby: (say) ''Damn' Shit!''

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