Good and Bad Don't Mixis a song from International Super Spy.

-Characters singing-

  • Molly
  • Gil
  • Nonny

Lyrics Edit

Molly: "Thought I'd takr this container from you? Nothing personal,just what I do!"

Nonny: "I don't think so,but you're welcome to try. I have a job to do,I'm a super spy! It's gooder to be good!"

Molly: "Agent Secret,that's where you're wrong. It's good to be bad as you'll see in this song. I'm bad,it's good,it's so very me. Gove me a moment,I'm sure you'll agree! It's better to be bad!"

All: "Good and bad don't mix. They're opposites that don't attract. Good and bad don't mix."

Gil: "Not just a theory,it's a fact!"

Nonny: "Got a mission,I'm really can't stay. Your intentions are bad,get out of my way! It's gooder to be good!"

Molly: "Spend me the goodness,I can do it without it. Try it my way,just thinks bout it! It's better to br bad!"

Nonny: "Evildoer……

Molly: "Good guy…………"

All: "Good and bad don't mix."

Molly & Nonny: "I don't like you,you don't like me."

All: "Good and bad don't mix."

Molly & Nonny: "Let's just agree to disagree. Yes,we're different,it's a no-brainer. We both want to get the secret container. I'm going to try as hard as I can."

Nonny: "Until I save the world!"

Molly: "Or I finish my plan!"

All: "Good and bad don't mix."

Gil: "They're very different points of view."

Molly & Nonny: "Good and bad don't mix. You don't like me,I don't like you."

All: "Good and bad don't,bad and good don't,good and bad don't mix."

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