Personality Edit

Jason is Ray's shy, respectful brother. Prince Tuesday is still around here!

Looks Edit

Jason has light tan-tan-chestnut brown skin, light tan-tan-chestnut brown-black-sepia- almond-shaped eyes, a light tan-tan-chestnut brown-black-sepia-purple-green-yellow-red-Tinky Winky purple-Dipsy green-La La yellow-Po red-Spuny blue-Gummy pink-Moon black-Nit-Kri gold-Avan grey-Daa Daa bright green-Umpie Pumpie yellow-Baa navy blue-Ping pink-Mimi sky blue-RuRu orange-Nin purple-Duggle Dee red-Noo Noo sky blue-Tubby Phone yellow-Noo Noo orange-Noo Noo pink-Baby Sun yellow camo-printed t-shirt,

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