Personality Edit

8-year old Jovanno is a very creative boy with such a vivid and off-beat imagination. He loves to perform for his friends,speak in funny voices,put on costumes,and tell stories to everyone both friend,foe,rival,and stranger alike. He's often seen with Albendizo and considers him as his best friend. As said,Jovanno is very creative,though usually clam and relaxed no matter how vivid or downright crazy his imagination may become! He seems to show in interest in stories and theater acting,much like Adetto. Jovanno really doesn not keep his imagination to himself,he loves to share it with his brothers or use when playing,telling a story,telling a story,or just going on adventure!

Looks Edit

Jovanno is a fair-skinned boy with dark green eyes. His hair is grass green and style liek Gil's,but the bang lays just above his forehead. He wears a black top hat with a green stripe across the middle. He wears a green long sleeved shirt with a blakc stripe across the middle and wears camo green pants and shoes. Oddly,his outfit makes him resemble a leprechaun.

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