Lolly Gentilella is Molly's sweet,sincere,sensitive,and gentle little sister who's empathetic and aware of other people's emotions. She loves flowers and even likes to pick some for her mother. She's afraid of bugs and hates to be picked on by her brothers Giller and Gobley. They say that she's a huge tattletale.


Lolly has dark tan skin and brown eyes. Her pink hair is worn in two low pigtails,and she wears a blue bow in her hair. She has a blue tail with wavy light blue stripes. Her eyes are almond-shaped instead of round. She wears a full tail instead a half tail and bikini top.


Name: Lolly

A/K/A: "The Tattletaler"

Age: 4

Gender: Female

Favorite Thing To Do: Pick flowers for her mother

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