Love is in the water ( transcript)Edit

Molly:Hi ! It's me, Molly, and it's time for....

Gil : hmph !

Molly : (watching him trying to pull a rope ) Hey Gil! What are you doing ?

Gil : I'm trying to pull this rope for get a surprise, but it's really hard !

Molly : Maybe i can help you.

Gil: You will? Great ! Now, pull as much as you can at three, okay ?

Molly : Got it !

Gil : Perfect ! Ready ? One , two , three !

( they pull the rope and then a brunch of little pink and red hearts fall on them )

Molly : Wow ! Now, it's time for Bubble Guppies !

( treme song and title )

Nonny : Hello.

Oona : Hi !

( they see a lobster sit on the bus stop's bench )

Oona : Hey Nonny ! Look over there !

Nonny : It's our friend Tom.

Oona : Let's go greet him !

Nonny and Oona : Hi Tom !

Tom: ( with a sad voice ) Hi guys.

Nonny : Are you alright ?

Tom : Not really.

Oona : Why ?

Tom: Well, today it's Valentine's Day and i don't know what present give to my wife Sally.

Oona : What 's Valentine's Day ?

Nonny : Valentine's day it's a festival where lovers give each other presents.

Tom: That's right. You see, I usually give flowers to Sally, but this year i wanted to find something different.

Nonny : Maybe we can help you.

Tom:You really think so ?

Oona : Of course! We'll find the best present ever !

Tom: Oh, Thanks guys ! ( a bus arrive ) Now i have to go , let's meet tonight at the Bubbletucky's Valentine's Day's Ball ! ( goes to the bus )

Oona: See you laiter !

Nonny : Come on !

( they swim to their school, the other guppies say hi and then Mr Grouper arrives)

Guppies : Good morning, Mr Grouper !

Mr Grouper : Well, good morning everyone !

( Nonny and Oona arrive )

Oona : Mr Grouper ! We have a problem !

Mr Grouper : What is it ?

Nonny :Our friend Tom is looking for a special valentine's day present for his wife Sally, but we don't know what kind of present .

Goby: Valentine's Day ? What is it ?

Mr Grouper :It's a special day where everyone give presents to people that they love.

Molly: Even your friends ?

Mr Grouper : Sure !

Deema : Mr Grouper, what are good valentine's day presents ?

Mr Grouper : Well, let's think about it .A good valentine's day present can be a bouquet of ...

Oona : Flowers !

Mr Grouper : Yes ! But you can also buy or make a ...

Deema: Valentine's day card

Mr Grouper : But the most important, whanever is your present is put your heart on it.

( Molly and Gil sing a song called " Love is in the water " )

Oona : Are you looking for a present for a special someone ? Don't worry ! My store has the right present for every kind of person !

( Deema walks in )

Oona : Hi and happy valentine's day ! Can i help you ?

Deema : Yes please. i'm looking for a present to a friend.

Oona: Okay, but tell me how he's like.

Deema: Well, he's a very creative person. He loves drawing and make stories for everyone.

Oona : Mmm, I think that i have the right present for your friend. But you have to choose beetween a red bow, a green notebook or a pair of pink earings.

Deema : Please, tell me what's the right present for my friend . Is it the bow, the notebook , or the earings ?

Little Fishes : The notebook !

Deema: That's right ! Thanks !

Oona : ( gives to Deema a green bag ) Here's your present ! I hope your friend will like it .

Deema: Thank you !

Oona : Your welcome !

( Deema gets out and Mr Grouper walks in )

Mr. Grouper: Excuse me, but what time is it?


Mr. Grouper: What time is it?

Oona, Molly and Gil: It's time for lunch!

Mr. Grouper: What time is it?

Oona, Molly and Gil: It's time for lunch!

Mr. Grouper: What time is it?

Oona, Molly and Gil: It's time for lunch!

Mr. Grouper & Oona, Molly and Gil : It's lunchtime! Hey, what's for lunch?

Oona : Hey Gil! What did you get for lunch ?

Gil : A pizza and an apple. What did you get Oona ?

Oona : A spinach salad and a cookie.What about you, Molly ?

Molly: I got a pizza and for dessert ...Chocolate Covered Heartberries !

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