Maria the best
Maria the Best is one of the epsidoes dedicated to a snobbish girl named Maria

Characters Present


Jana goes to school with Josh and her sister Maria thinks Malakay is Jana's boyfriend so she is jealous, and trys to be the best. So she trys to get Rekaal (Jana's Love interest) as her boyfriend instead.


  • Jana: Come on, Maria! We'll be late for school!
  • Maria: Aww shut uop, and go I'll be with you in a minute.
  • Jana: *swims off*
  • Maria: That stupid girl;, left me!
  • Malakay: Hi Jana, Hi Josh.
  • Josh: Mal! My bro! *Hi 5's Malakay*
  • Malaky: You lot going to school?
  • Josh: Yepp.
  • Malakay: Wheres Marie?
  • Jana: errr.
  • Josh: If you left her at home she's gunna kill you.
  • Jana: She Won't!
  • Maria: You derk! you left me!
  • Jana: I couldn't wait.
  • Maria: excuses....
  • Malakay: Hey! Lay it off!
  • Josh: *Kicks Marie* 
  • Marie: Why you little!
  • Josh: Come at me bro!
  • Marie and Josh fight for the time being.
  • Malaky:This is stupid.
  • Jana: We should go to school.
  • Josh: *Pushes Marie*
  • Marie: *Falls on Jana's tail*
  • Jana: OOWWWWWW! *Falls on floor*
  • Malakay: Jana are you okay?!
  • Jana: My tail hurts!
  • Marie: *Thinking* Malakay and Jana must be hiding something,
  • Malakay: Lean on me Jana.
  • Marie: Malakay...
  • Mlalakay: what?
  • Marie: Are you and Jana girlfriend and boyfriend?
  • Malakay and Jana look at each other.
  • Jana: err. No
  • Marie: Good.
  • Josh: She's only saying that because she likes Malakay.
  • Marie: I do Not!
  • Jana: I don't love Malakay. I like Rekaal
  • Marie: Rekaal eh?
  • 2 hours later at school
  • Jana: Marie.... My tails all be-
  • Rekaal and Marie kiss.
  • Malakay: Jana, are you o-
  • Jana: *Faints*

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