Plot the guppies meet 11 year old maria

one bright day...
2013 06 28 22 54 47 712


mr.g class we have a new student.molly you should know her.

Molly class this is my 11 year old long lost cousin that is sweet but tough maria

Maria hi everyone i'm maria mahara nice to meet you

Gil your fat

out of no where came a hand...bam

Molly Gil, Maria be nice

Maria class thats what happens when you bother me and i dont hold back

Goby laughed

then Maria does it again.then the class is staring at her

Maria who want thier butts kick next

nobody dared move

Molly she is nice but she hates being teased

Maria who wants a treat

nobody dared move

Maria i guess my ice cream burritoes are waste now

then the guppies crowded her

Molly i told you she was nice

Maria Mr.G I have books for you

after an hour of book giving she put onthe movie the inside story

the guppies though she was weird but they liked the movie

Molly talking to Deema:I dreamed about that movie

Deema you slep through the movie

Molly yeah but dreamed i was in the movie it was scary

the it was time to go when...

Maria who is that red head

Molly oh thats Ray

Ray who is the fatty mageta ugly over there

Maria spings into action and punches Ray

Ray fatty

Maria space case

Gil don't mess with her Ray

Goby she is tougher than you think

Ray she is a sisie

then Maria beats up Ray and almost kills him

but then she thinks he is kinda cute

then she lets go

Maria your lucky that im letting you stay alive boy

Molly what was that all about

Gil I dont know

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