Molly and Goby might have possible crushes on each other.

Hints Edit

  • Build Me A Building: Goby looked al Molly help him build. Pop Song - Goby was singing with Molly,at the end they leaned on each other.
  • Ducks In A Row: Goby was sitting next to Molly in the audience,and they starred in the story segment.
  • The Moon Rocks: Molly came to see what was happening to Goby's rocks.
  • We Totally Rock: Molly was sitting next to Goby and also said his name first.
  • The Legend Of Pinkfoot: Molly came to Goby's shop.
  • Gup,Gup,And Away: Molly was sitting next to Goby on the plane.
  • Super Shrimptennial Celebration: Molly cared about what Goby was saying.
  • Spooky!: Molly said "Just hold my hand and we'll be fine!",Goby grabbed her hand,literally.
  • Super,Super,Supermarket: Goby was the first to wave at Molly at the end.
  • Do The Check-Up: Molly kept looking at Goby,when he was dancing.
  • The Restaurant: Goby sat next to Molly.
  • Molly and Goby have dark skin.

Fanon Edit

  • The Fireworks Party: Molly looks at Goby,when he was pretending to be a king.
  • Spooky Field Trip: Goby asks "Who said that?" when a voice shouts out "I have gubbles!",and Molly responds by saying "Maybe it was the villains!".
  • Molly Runs Away: Goby was sad about Molly's disappearance.
  • The Fight In Little Fish's Life: Molly acts kind of "mean" to Goby.
  • The Key To The Nile: Goby was one of Molly's servants.
  • Chirp Chirp Tweet Tweet: Molly and Goby are the birdnappers in the story segment.
  • Dandy's Puddle: Molly was the first to notice Goby depressed.

Bubble Guppies 2016 reboot Edit


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