Hints Edit

  • A Bunch Of Bones: Molly and Nonny sing together.
  • Spooky: Molly and Nonny sing and dance together. They also hold hands.
  • Super Shrimptennial Celebration: Molly came to Nonny's shop.
  • Happy Clam Day: Molly was Nonny's second customer.

Hints(Fanon) Edit

  • Spooky Field Trip: Molly listens to Nonny.
  • International Super Spy: When Molly falls off a big city's clock,Nonny flies down to save her by using a jet pack.
  • The Key To The Nile: Nonny was one of Molly's servants.
  • It's Raining,It's Pouring: Nonny and Molly were the background dancers.
  • The Bubbletucky Inn!: Molly sat next to Nonny at lunch.
  • In molly allergy Nonny want to stay to keep molly safe.
  • In molly allergy nonny ask molly to go with him to the prom and she say yes.
  • In allergy Molly kiss nonny to see if oona care is that he and nonny dating.
  • In molly secret molly kiss nonny.

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