Plot Molly has to save earth from Dark Queen[oona].

'Story] in the galaxy far far away...'the Queen of the planet Sicon,was nursing two babies.

'        one was named Molly,'pink hair, brown eyes and light brown skin.

'The other baby Oona had purple hair, 'brown eyes and pale skin

          On that day the planet was bombed.So the Queen of Sicon sent her two babies into space

'          'Molly was sent ot the moon and Oona was sent to pluto and her heart froze in ice made

'          of cold and evilness.' when molly landed Deema guardian of the moon found her

           Deema/ Awwww.Hey how about you stay at my place since your so cute?

Molly/ap a po po goo goo [sure I would love to live at your place].

Deema/ I loved that you said yes come on.

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