Plot:Molly has to save Earth from DarkQueen.

   Back at Deema's place...

Deema:This is my place.hope you enjoy it.

Molly:ap ah goo goo[Enjoy it,I want to live here.]

Deema:Glad you like it.

Oh this is gil.He's not my real son,but I decided to raise him like i'll raise you.

I gotta work now as the guard of the moon.I'll be back soon so be good.bye

Molly and Gil:ap ap oooo.[We will be good and bye.]

Deema leaves and the babies are all alone...

 Gil in baby talk:Hey who are you?

 Molly in baby talk:I'm Molly.You must be Gil.

Gil:Yeah. Hey lets take a walk around

Molly:Ok.Where do we start?

Gil:Right here at the walk through arch.come on.

Molly:Right behind you.

Gil:This is the Game room,every single game is in the room

Molly:Wow! Bubble Guppies slash and attack,HelloKitty kills the doom fish and Bubble Guppies and Hello Kitty!

Gil:how is it?

Molly:Great!Love it, love it love it!So what's the next room?

gil:The Vase room.The best vases in town.hun?

Molly:Wow! this vase is beautiful.

Gil:See what I mean?

Molly:Yes I do.What's next.

Gil:The best room.The Crystal room!

Molly:Wow.[gasp]Oh no.

she triped on a crystal.

Molly:Help! Umf! Oh thanks for the help.

The Crystal sword was about to fall.Gil pushed Molly out of the way just in time.

Molly:Thanksfor saving me.

Gil:Your welcome.try to lift it. 

Molly with no problem lifted the sword up and the sword and her necklace sparkled alone

Gil:[gasp] You are the princess of the light side!

Molly:Hun? I came from Sicon not the lightplanet.

Gil Sicon is the lightplanet.

Molly:Ohhhhh.Hey did you come from sicon?

Gil:yep.there were two Kings and two Queens light and dark.both Queens were King was light the other was dark the married.the light Queen and King had 1 child me and light Queen and dark King had two children you and your sister.

Molly:So in other words i'm light princess and my sister is....

Gil: Dark princess,but when you land on pluto you double age and she will become Dark queen.

Molly:so if i'm 1 she is 2.

Gil:right and pluto people are evil.

Deema comes back from home.

Deema:Gil,Molly i'm home.[gasp]molly you're the light prnicess!You must have came from sicon.

Back at olivia's... Oona your the dark princess!You must have came frome sicon

          That how I all begins.

                                          end of part 3

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