Nicole is the little sister to Tierra and Vitani. She looks exactly like Jimberly. She met a friend named Nonny who she nicknamed 'Nonners' in Gil's Big Summer Night. The Bubble Guppies are on Fanon Wiki. There are Molly Deema and Oona The Girl Guppies. She is a baby belonging to a family. She is called a girl a meaning for female. She can find a female therapist for herself to play with. She is one of Grandma Marry's granddaughters. Alexis's daughter Kaydence is one of her best friends. She sleeps in a bedroom with a crib. The one with the crib is the bedroom where Nichole sleeps. When she is all done' she can have a bed to sleep in herself. She is with Molly her unseen friend. She is well and doing fine. She is the cutest and sweetest character in the show. She was named after a folk singer called Nichole Rose Conway.

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