Hints Edit

  • The Spring Chicken Is Coming: Oona and Goby had a story segment together.
  • Oona and Goby could be seen paired together in some pop songs.
  • Bubble Guppies Theme Song: Goby and Oona are next to each other holding hands when the group is in a line.
  • Oona and Goby have brown eyes.
  • Tonight Is A Holiday: Oona and Goby are seen paired together at some parts.
  • Bubble Cadabra: Oona hugged Goby twice.

Hints(Fanon) Edit

  • Super Guppies To The Rescue: Oona is with Goby,along with Gil
  • Danger In Gil's Life: Oona goes after Goby after he swims outside crying.
  • It's Great To Be A Ghost: Oona and Goby hide together.
  • The Key To The Nile: Oona dances next to Goby during the songs.
  • Scared Of You: Goby dances next to Oona during the song "Monster Dance Party". Oona first goes to bring an invitation to Goby.
  • Dandy's Puddle: Oona and Goby are the main characters.
  • Happiness Is Golden: Oona and Goby are the main characters.

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