Oona and Nonny are best friends. They're both quiet and think carefully first. Nonny usually answers Oona's questions. In most episodes,Nonny only smiles shyly while next to Oona other times when they're apart Nonny usually has a blank expression. They are both similar in many ways. They're usually backup dancers. They might have possible crushes on each other.

Hints Edit

  • Bubble Guppies Theme Song: Nonny introduced himself right after Oona.
  • Outside: Nonny is standing next to Oona.
  • The Restaurant: Nonny is seated at a table with Oona.
  • Construct With Me: Nonny briefly smiles at Oona.
  • Big Bubble City: Oona and Nonny held hands at one point during the song.
  • Can You Dig It?: Oona was the only one to wait for Nonny when everyone was leaving the dinosaur dig.
  • Nonny is always sitting next to Oona in the classroom.
  • In the episode "Bubble Baby", Oona Hugged Nonny.

Fanon Edit

  • April Fools: Oona came to Nonny's shop.
  • Fireworks Party: Oona was Nonny's customer. He smiled when he said "your welcome" to Oona as she left the shop
  • The Easter Chicken Dance: Oona and Nonny are the background dancers.
  • Snow Day: Oona and Nonny are the main characters.
  • Apocalyse: Nonny was tottaly heart-broken when Oona who had amnisa said she had a boyfriend.
  • Nonny-Vicious: Oona walks with Nonny during a night scene.

Bubble Guppies 2016 reboot Edit

more TBA

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