Personality Edit

Patrick is a cautious and overly grumpy boy guppy. He's not always interested in fun things and is easily bothered by loud noises, so he prefers to keep to himself. The few times he's excited instead of grumpy, his voice is noticeably higher. Like Nonny and Anna, he smiles the least. He's friends with Gil, Goby, Ray, and Nonny, but he's closest to Lisa.

Looks Edit

Patrick wears the same blue hat and shirt as the Nick Jr. character, Pocoyo. He has peach skin, green eyes, green hair, and a blue tail.

Trivia Edit

  • Patrick is the only guppy who normally wears clothing.
  • Patrick is the grumpiest of all the guppies.
  • He and Nonny have the same skin and eye color, so it's speculated that they might be cousins.

Relatives Edit

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