Rocky's Family portrait (signed)

Basco "Rocky" Rockfurd is a character from Guppies Go Home. He was eight years old an Atlantean native. He is the son of Atlantis' security department official Beau Sebring.


Rocky was energetic, fun and a bit of a ladies man; always looking for a good time. He was friendly and enjoyed by everyone. He had a hard time making big desicions. This ended up making life more complicated for him. Otherwise, he was indeed the Royal Atlantean party-guppy.

Backstory (*some spoilers*)Edit

Born and raised in the wealthy, merman-occupied East Atlantis, Rocky was not exposed to real life in the city, giving him his worry free attitude. Taking full advantage of his wealth, Rocky tried to woo as many girls as possible, usually with his money (even to the Bubble Guppies themselves!). He never really had to make any choices, which led to his ultimate demise.

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