Steer,Baby,Steer is a song from the episode Cops And Bots.

-Characters singing-

  • Molly
  • Gil
  • Nonny
  • Deema


Nonny: "Big rocks,little rocks,pebbles too. Giant space boulders coming after you."

Deema: "I'll step on the gas,shift it into gear,keep my eyes peeled."

Nonny: "And don't forget to steer!"

Nonny & Deema: "You gotta steer,baby,steer!"

Deema: "It could take a minute..."

Nonny & Deema: "It could take a year! Just steer,baby,steer! We gotta steer this thing right!"

Molly: "Turn left,turn right,go up,go down! Pop a space wheelie,then spin it around!"

Gil: "Keep my hands on the wheel,my tail fin on the brakes! I'll just keep her steady,whatever it takes!"

Molly & Gil: "We gotta steer,baby,steer! We won't let up...til we're in the clear! We gotta steer,baby,steer! We gotta steer this thing right!"

Deema: "Boink. Whack."

Nonny: "Bonk. Thwack."

Deema: "Clank,splat."

Nonny: "What was that?"

Molly: "Doink! Boom! Thwoink! Oof!"

Gil: "Crack,bop!"

Molly: "Make it stop!"Nonny: "Go fast,go slow,put it in reverse."

Deema: "Accelerate...across the universe!"

Molly: "Keep your eyes on the road,you nose on your face!"

Gil: "And get us out of this scary place!"

All: "You gotta steer,baby,steer! Gotta be cannot fear! Just steer,baby,steer! We gotta steer this thing right!"

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