The Lady In Blue! is a song from International Super Spy.

-Characters Singing-

  • Molly
  • Gil

Lyrics Edit

Gil: "Who's the girl who's got bad on her mind? Who thinks evil thoughts with a smile and a wink? Who's the girl with a plan to mess up mankind?"

Molly: "Me,I'm the lady in blue!"

Gil: "Lady in blue,lady in blue. She's bad,she's evil."

Molly: "And I'm worse than you think! Me! I'm the Lady in blue!"

Gil: "Who's the girl who never plays nice? And wishes that all rubber duckies would sink? Who interrupts people and never thinks twice?"

Molly: "Me,I'm the lady in blue!"

Gil: "Lady in blue,lady in blue! She does terrible things."

Molly: "Even worse than you think! I'm the lady in blue."

Gil: "She's selfish and cruel."

Molly: "And I totally rule!"

Gil: "She'll stop at nothing to win. She cheats and shr lies."

Molly: "I don't even like pie!"

Gil: "When there's bad to be done,count her iiiiin!"

Molly: "Yhose containers,you better forget 'em! They'll be mine before you can blink!"

Gil: "Wherever they are you can bet who'll get 'em!"

Molly: "Me,I'm the lady in blue."

Gil: "Lady in blue,lady in blue. Is she totally evil?"

Molly: "Now what do you think?"

Gil: "Lady in blue,lady in blue..."

Molly: "Me,me,me,me,me,I'm the lady in blue!"

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