The Mummy of the Underwater

Molly sees an Egyptian museum on her way to school. But is there a true underwater mummy?



Molly: Hi! It's me, Molly. And it's time for-

(sarcophagus opens)

Molly: A mummy sarcophagus! AAAAAAH!

(Molly runs away)

Gil (wearing mummy costume): It's time for Bubble Guppies!

(Bubble Guppies theme song plays)

The Three Little Fish: The Mummy of the Underwater.

Molly: Hello!

(people cheer)

Molly: Why are they cheering?

(Molly swims to see what is happening)

Molly: A museum?

(Museum director swims to Molly)

Museum director: Hi Molly!

Molly: Hello! Why are the people cheering?

Museum director: Oh, because today is the grand opening of the first-ever Egyptian museum here in Bubbletucky!

Molly: Ok, I'll just see you later because it's schooltime. Bye, sir!

(Molly swims to school while school door opens and every guppy says hello, goes to their places, and says good morning to Mr. Grouper)

Molly: E-e-e-egyptian m-m-m-museum?

Mr. Grouper: What's happening Molly?

Molly: A museum director said today is the opening of an E-e-e-egyptian m-m-m-museum!

Mr. Grouper: AAAAH! Mummies!

Gil: Mummy? Don't get scared Mr. Grouper!

(Pls. continue writing the script for me. Thank You!)

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