Ray hey Magenta head

Maria rude dude and bam

Ray what did you do that for

Maria talk after school

Ray for w-

Maria talk after school

they didn't notice the guppies were spying

Molly talk after school something sounds fishy

Gil sounds like love to me

Gil to himself Ray and Maria sittng in a tree k i s s i n g first comes love the comes marriged then theres a

Molly slaps Gil and says Maria and Ray are not in love they are probaly making a deal

Gil i guess

Deema but what if the are in love

Goby get married

Oona and Nonny and have a baby

Molly oh no mom would kill me

Gil then lets spy on them to make sure

all except Molly yeah

Molly i guess but its eavsedropping

Gil but then you can stop them if they are in love

Gil was wrong. that afternoon

Maria cake

Ray no thankyou

the next day

Bully come on Ray kiss your girlfriend


Maria no one messes with me

now tell me were did you get these rumors

from the guppies


Maria so you see dont spead rumors ok

Ray dont eavesdrop

Maria and Ray and dont interfer on love lives

guppies okay

the end

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