Character Info

Photo 0170760642nvzzab
Name Tiff
A/K/A Smarty-Pants
Age 8
Gender Male
Favorite Thing to Do Experimenting
Voice Actor Zachary Gordon


Tiff is a very smart Guppy, and he knows it! He is quite an adventurer since his first discovery was in literally a cave! It was a rare, mythical umbrella he still has, too bad the cave collapsed when he gotten it. Similar to Nonny, he had talked to the 4th wall before, which make since because the guppies talk all the time to the 4th wall. He loves the guppies. So much, that he did an experiment to each guppy individually!


He is a light-skinned guppy. His hair is very similar to Gil, but it is lime green instead of dark blue. He has a black top hat which isn't magic, but it shows he is a little fancy. His mermaid tail is a horizontal pattern which goes red, pink, red, pink, red, pink. He also has brown eyes.


  • Branson (Father)
  • Lilli (Mother)
  • Lilli Jr. (Sister)
  • Pluddie (Pet Dog)


  • Tiff has an IQ of 250.
  • Tiff is VERY quick. His top speed is believed to be over 94 MPH! Or over 151 KPH.
  • He is a champion on Tetris, if you face this guppy on Tetris, you will mostly lose!
  • Tiff isn't lazy. He eats healthy and runs everyday.
  • In the episode Bot Fixing, Tiff notices a virus in one of the bombers, he is able to dismantle and carefully examine any technology.
  • Tiff is a little emotional. This is show in Molly's secret and the movie True Tiff.
  • Tiff has plans for the future. He will most likely try to test on The Mi Twins.

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